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Really Important News · 6:40pm Feb 16th, 2018

Well, I'm sorry for bringing this guy up, and if you haven't heard the news about this... Guess who's back?

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Hold me back... :twilightangry2:

Why is this guy allowed unsupervised internet access?! Let's see how his former friends react to this.

I honestly feel sorry for them, as they're getting shit on by the likes of Lily Peet and she, amongst others are trying to get them banned from cons like Toon was, even though they had no part in his escapades and were caught just as off-guard as everyone else, as this video explains.


This whole situation is bad. The sad part is that there is just so much misinformation and people who are rightfully pissed of about all of this.

Yeah, it's ugly and I suspect we haven't heard the last of things. I might be right in saying that ToonKritic is the Brony fandom's Bill Cosby, in that he's such a dirty word to bring up.

Comment posted by spyrofan354 deleted Feb 17th, 2018

I have actually. I put it in the comments below.

Comment posted by spyrofan354 deleted Feb 17th, 2018

Oh, I know. They are hypocrites of the highest order, considering I've heard Lily has written Rainbow Dash pedophila pieces herself. Oh, the hypocrisy...

Not to try and suck off Lily but at the very least she's trying to actually help the victims.

That's reassuring and even if she's a hypocrite she spewed a lot of truths of the brony fandom, specially the pedophilia problem (really ironic that her strongest point was the one to expose her ''inappropriate" work... I guess it takes one to know) her video was solid and it needed to be done.

I'll admit, her chewing out the entire fandom for allowing so many foalcon images to be allowed was awesome, but everything else... (Not limited to insulting Josh and company and calling them as bad as Toon, who were hurting quite badly from the revelation that he was a pedophile) was not needed.

Yeah, they fucked up but they're not pedophiles that was just her bashing them because "LUL my chance"

Though, she was right to tell DrWolf to eat shit for that fucking video he made about forgiveness, fuck him.

Yeah, Lily's a bitch who likes to jump onto bandwagons. Plain and simple.

I'm not going to comment or even ask about DrWolf's video as there's a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication going around, and for all I know, the same thing could have happened there as well.

Comment posted by spyrofan354 deleted Feb 17th, 2018
Comment posted by spyrofan354 deleted Feb 17th, 2018

I have seen all the videos, but one thing I do not understand about Josh's video is he said he learned about the incident on January 19th, which I find hard to believe, compared to the others saying they all found out 3 weeks before the leak. He also said 4 times that nobody knew about the situation, yet in the chat with Toon as well as a separate skype chat with one of the other members of the community, both chats said Josh, Silver Quill, and British Ninja knew about his pedo activities. Not to mention they wanted to sweep it under the rug and thought it wouldn't get leaked.

From an investigation prospective, I can understand, but Josh and Silver should have known better than to act that way. Let alone the fact that nobody in the analysis community didn't put out a video not to look at the evidence once they found out when it was leaked.

It just seems very confusing based on what others have said. Heck even I've made a series of videos addressing my reaction and feelings towards the situation

Neither I am looking for a fight. I think that Josh and Wolf didn't have bad intentions, but as much of how Josh tries to damage control that stuff, he massively fucked up and he admitted that.

But when in that same video then he proceeds to tell how forgiveness doesn't mean that for christians (which is debatable) he just tries to deflect his error by just pleading for a misunderstanding, you can't just say something and then when you got it all wrong just say " Well it doesn't mean that to me" that's stupid.

We know that he didn't have bad intentions, but that isn't an excuse for what that video represents specially since he says how anger also affects the victims WOW, WOW THAT'S INCREDIBLE.

It obviously affects the victim because anger is one of the effects of being abused and it is a delicate process but a necessary one, if you tell a victim to not be angry they won't listen to you and they'll get more angry because you're being a completely insensitive retard.

That just shows how little he knows of human psycology, if you got wronged as bad as toon victims did you will feel angry and rightfully so because it is expected, so when you tell the victims that they need to "forgive" him is a massive fuck up sice they don't have a reason to forgive him, not even in the way that he tries to sell his meaning to his audience. The victims were in a process of healing and that video fucked that up massively

I find super convenient that he says how all of the misinformation hurt him and all of his friends but he and Wolf did the same thing with that forgiveness video, all of that because of misinformation. He did adressed that tho and that's fine so well there's that.

That being said, his response was good and he cleared up a lot of misinformation spreading around and he is going for the right path by trying to get Toon in Jail where he deserves to rot.

On that we agree

Yeah, you might want to report that to someone.

Way I figure it, and this is all just my perspective, they were still trying to confirm everything keep massive leaks like the ones that did happen from happening and keep miscommunication from spreading about. Plus, you have to take in their reactions. They were friends of Toon, they were as shocked as the rest of us, and probably quite hurt.

I actually have watched Josh's video, but he did fuck up (Like everyone else around here in this situation) although he pretty much says that in his video. And I'm not looking for a fight man, nobody here is.





I entirely think however, you five have missed the entire point of this post. Toonkritic's out there, back with a new pename and avatar on the internet and as long as he goes unnoticed with this new one, while everyone argues about how the situation was handled, he can just use his new identity to creep up on more people and repeat his past actions as the video I posted said. Let that sink in.


Oh trust me, that thought sunk in the minute I watched that video...:twilightangry2:

Yeah, it's just the others who seemed to have missed the point I was trying to make here with this video I found. Instead, they're still arguing over who was in the wrong and what should have been done.

Comment posted by spyrofan354 deleted Feb 17th, 2018

I already watched the video, tho I did get sidetracked with all of that past nonesense. Nice info tho, they have to do something about that slimey greasy snake before he hurts more people he needs to be sent to prision pronto.

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