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  • Today
    I'ma write a thing for the AppleDash Warm and Fuzzy Feelings event.

    'cause this is the exact sort of stuff I've been practicing writing incognito. I like things that make me feel warm and fuzzy and safe-- especially so in 2020.

    Expect AppleDashery in the near future. :V

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  • Thursday
    Update: I am a stupid.

    Guess the who heckin' forgot that he changed his password?

    Dis boi right 'ere.

    I am the stupid. :V

    Now I can hoard cakes again.

    yay that means I don't need to buy more plushies to keep playing still

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  • Thursday
    My Webkinz account got purged. ;-;

    Haven't bought a new plushie in years, but I still dropped in and played every few months. I guess "activity" to Ganz means buying a new plush and registering it.

    So anyway, my Webkinz account that I've had since like 2nd grade no longer exists. Yay 2020. :V

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  • Wednesday
    This song gives me chills.

    I liked the original that came out last year, but this acoustic version is next level.

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  • Wednesday
    Thinking of revisiting my Youtube channel.

    I threw together a quick intro clip. :V

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Let's talk about today. · 8:37am Feb 11th, 2018

I've been working on the robot for my team's competition from 8:30 am to 10 pm today. I come home, watch a few youtube videos, and somehow find myself making fish jokes and laughing nonstop to now, at 1:35 am.

This literally started with me suggesting for my sister to try drawing a mermaid, which became reverse mermaid, which became a fish maid with long flowing hair, which became every disney princess but they're actually fish, which became every anime but everything's fish, to reality but fish, to fish jokes.


Report TheMajorTechie · 161 views · #fish
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Comments ( 4 )

I don’t understand? what :rainbowhuh:

Fish is the word🐟🐠🐡

I had to read over this nine times... and I still don't know what the fuck is happening..

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