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  • 169 weeks
    Help a friend please


    She really needs help. I dont know what's going on but if anyone can help please help or spread the word if you want.

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  • 207 weeks
    Today sucks

    Hey it's Valentines Day, or better known to people as 'Single's Awareness Day' cause Love just really fucking hates you

    Have a nice day you lucky bastards...I'm just gonna be stuck by myself wondering why I live anymore...

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  • 210 weeks

    Alright, so I'm open to Commissions, because I literally need the money to keep a roof over my head...but this isn't a fucking joke people can openly abuse...just...what the fuck? There's a difference between joking, and just openly sending PM's just to spite people....

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  • 215 weeks
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's

    Hope everyone's having a wonderful day, spending time with their family, and just being happy

    I'll just be here...alone with no one...but just have a happy time with your family and friends. Better for everyone else to be happy without me cause I'm just a failure

    So Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday's and Happy New Year

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  • 217 weeks

    Aren't birthday's just great?

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... · 5:23pm Jan 31st, 2018

Dear Onii-chan! Once you find out you'll blame yourself, I know you might. Please don't, it's not your fault. You were the best! You were, and always will be, my Onii-chan! And I'll always be your Nee-sama! I love you always Big Brother! Don't forget please! With lots and lots of sugary love with extra candy, Your Nee-sama Candy

Marionette gave me this message from Candy...my dear friend and Nee-sama...only to then post this blog post and tell everyone...she died...I should have helped...god fucking damn it...

...damn it...

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Please don’t beat yourself up about it. She wouldn’t want that.

I know but...it still hurts...

I know. Candy was my reason for living... heh... she’s lucky, she’s got people to remember and miss and love her even if she’s gone.... I don’t, not really. My family hates me, I don’t date because it hurts. I’m not very social either....

Well...anyone Who's a friend of Candy's is a friend of mine. I'm here for ya

Xin, bro, I’m so sorry. I’m here for you.

Thanks Feather..

Man, i’m sorry about that. I don’t know her, but she’ll be missed. And I really wish I could help ya, I just don’t know how...

Its alright..

Don’t ever blame yourself for someone else’s death it hurts it likely will. But please don’t guilt yourself into doing anything you might regret.

Don't worry, I wont...it's just...I wish I could have helped...

Many of us wish they could have helped even though some of us didn't even know her at least that's how it is for me

Bit hey if you need to talk just write to me

No problem that's what friends are for

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