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Dragonborne Fox

It's one thing to create/throw already-established characters in a story of some kind. It's another thing to develop those characters, regardless of the situation they're in.

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Urgent, Help Needed · 7:27am Nov 8th, 2019

Listen, it's bad. I don't know how bad yet, but I'm not chancing it. All I can divulge: someone else's stupid decision is affecting me and my sister directly. I wish I could say more, I really could... but I've promised Dad not to tell. Please, I hope you understand. I'm panicking, can barely sleep right now, and I think it's all my fault even though I know it's not.

This is unexpected and bad, and I've been told to prepare for the worst. Dad cried for the third time tonight, and... and my heart's racing. My paycheck may not be enough to cover it, so please spare whatever you can. I hate asking for help like this, but I'm not sure how many options I have. My PayPal email is blackmagecharlotte@gmail.com; I'm just in a sudden tight spot and I'm hardly thinking straight. If you can't spare anything, spread word please. I... I just...

I'll update once this clears up, whenever... and if I am able. Worst comes to worst, I may start a gofundme...

Please, help me. However you can.

Edit: In my infinite panic and dumbassery, I did not realize I doxxed myself. :facehoof: PayPal really needs to update itself. Ah, when we could search for other people and link our damn profiles...

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Comments ( 15 )

Oh god...it must be really bad...I hope things clear up

I'll put this message around. I hope it helps in some way.
I would definitely consult your dad and all those involved and available before doing anything risky. Keep your options open and do your best to ensure the preparations you take will be secure if the worst should happen.
This kind of situation is certainly hard to cope with but gathering those you love and trust is the first step.

Alright. But it'll be a bit before I can act on that advice, since emotional turmoil is high and I am at my most volatile point of the month.

I hope you’ll be all right.

Of course, I entirely understand that.
I just hope it helps.

How did you doxxed yourself?

Afraid all I can offer is my best wishes that things will turn out okay.


I don't see anything damning.

5152658 kk. My brain is apparently doing loops. I may need to jar my emotions for a moment to get it back in order.

Hey, everything's alright? I don't know you, but people like you do need help. Hope everything gets well for you, and your family.

5155264 It's still bad, but the panic is melting to numbness. Like I've been stuck in the Antarctic for a while.

Wow, really? I don't know what to say, other than I still hope take a turn for the good.

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