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    Being stuck in the hospital for months due to COVID drove me up the wall. I had little outside interactions aside of T.V. and constantly re-sanitized books. Bleh, the smell of rubbing alcohol burns I tell you! BURNS! It was only until my final few weeks when I got a tablet with a wifi connection that I could interact with the world, which I spent most of my time on Fanfiction.net and Archive of

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    Hello, Hello!

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    Boom! Another one!


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    I'm going to be offline for a while, about a month or two at most, while I get my new place set up. So, the next few chaps of Last Sunset will come out by then, and ya'll get to see Twilight Sparkle have their first battle! Sorry, for making ya'll wait. ;_;

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Hey, how about another story idea? · 10:31pm Jan 24th, 2018

Your Human and You: Solace in Silence:

A human soldier of Mars finds herself in a world where Humans are nothing but mindless pet animals. Armed with nothing but a combat knife and her militaristic ingenuity, can she survive in a world where everything views her as nothing but an animal? Can she find a way back home while hunters and breeders hunt her down for her exceptionally beautiful rare traits? Or will she find solace in her silence, as the perfect apex predator in a world full of cruel prey?

Follow her journey as she discovers mysteries lost to time: Mysteries that a select few don't what the rest of the world to know. Mysteries that could very well end the world of Equus in an instant and all she's armed with is her trusty combat knife.

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Comments ( 5 )

I don't think so. But if you like it do it.

*Already has written 2.7k words.*

Mars Co. black ops lady sniper vs Caribou sacrificial Human worshipers/ceremonial rapists.

good good ... did you get the mene ps yes mack the story and if you can a yhay story were thers a Viking and a drwaf army I have adhd and ferget to esaly but do you thank a Viking and a dwarf army in a yhay fic would be epic???

bone chilling

i like it:pinkiehappy: but please have happy ending. That place need some friendship is magic

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