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The Big-Bang was an accident, I swear! (Returning?)

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I fucked up! · 1:04pm Jan 4th, 2018

Quick notice everybody!

As I rewatched all the episodes that depicted the Castle of the Two Sisters to write The Nameless Queen chapter 2 I completely forgot that most of the scenes where the castle's interior was shown were flashbacks! :facehoof:

I accidentally wrote that the old elements of harmony were still there, when in fact, they were destroyed by Nightmare Moon! The only element of harmony that wasn't destroyed was the element of Magic, that was apparently returned to it's place: (This is a screenshot from Castle mane-ia found on the MLP wiki)

At its core, this mistake won't change anything about the story, but I've gone and rewrote the paragraph about it. Now the scene stands as follows:

Reaching the top of the other tower, you could feel the faint signature of a long gone, but powerful magic. Passing by the broken door, you found a strange statue; a stone pedestal containing a big orb in its center and five smaller empty pedestals branching from it.

Sorry about it guys, but luckily I have such attentive readers that pointed it out for me:raritywink:

By! :yay:

-T.M.W.D. :trollestia:

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It is okay with me. Since I don't care what they find in the old castle. :yay:
Even if Nightmare Moon's ghostly shadow haunt in the birth place and downfall of Nightmare moon and try seduce the young queen to her's will with the whispering voices.

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