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Real Talk: Femininity in Movies... · 9:24am Dec 20th, 2017

Well, hello guys...
I'm here to talk to you about something serious, something controversial...
Something that has blind and ignorant hate
Women replacing men for lead roles in reboots of movies or being in a lead role in general
Ocean's 8 Trailer
For my first link this will direct you to the latest new Warner Brother Trailer for their new movie in 2018.
Not, before ANY of you leave hate comments on the video and say that women shouldn't replace men in a movie reboot of a classic or just in general or before any of you say that women should, I want you to stop and listen to my side and the other side of the story, to BOTH sides.
I for one fully support feminism, and before ANY of you say that feminism is "man-hate" or hating men, that is completely wrong and a minor and extreme viewpoint, feminism as defined by the FUCKING DICTIONARY with ONE simple GOOGLE SEARCH USING THE GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE is...

the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
2organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests


the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Also, Emma Watson made a very cool and awesome speech about it too, please go check it out and read it.
Emma Watson Equality Speech

That being said I want to get my issues and problems with not only this trailer out of my way first, but also the Ghostbusters (2016) trailer and movie.

My Issues with this trailer:

1. The Women Have Families! Also, it's not funny either.

From the VERY start of the trailer not only highlights the stupidity and sheer amazing idiots that some of these women are, but it's also NOT funny or clever at all! Go take a look at the Ocean's 11 trailer which many people don't realize is a reboot because that movie is so damn good and memorable and funny and clever and the trailer shows this!

Ocean's 11 Trailer

The Ocean's 11 trailer is amazing and brilliant, it makes you invested in the movie and characters and the movie itself is a good and classic example of a robbery film where you root for the bad guys.

In the Ocean's 8 trailer though, I just want to punch these women in the face to tell them to focus on their lives first and taking care of their fucking family and children first! This pisses me off so much because not only are these women breaking the law, some of them are neglecting their family deliberately, if they fail at the heist they will possibly be sent to jail and their children sent far away from them possibly never to be seen again and these women have to know the risks and they are idiots for ever agreeing to the heist. Family always comes first before money. Also, did I mention the teailer isn't funny or clever or brilliant? I mean the first trailer we have a good joke that's like sarcastic, here in this new trailer what do we have? Asking for someone to pass the keys, COMEDY GOLD HOLLYWOOD, YOU REALLY HIT THE JACKPOT HERE!

2. A woman gets emotional

Okay, feminism in movies or in any media is supposed to have the women as strong, independent, smart/clever/intelligent and possibly funny girls that can also be leaders, take Wonder Woman for example, or Supergirl, or any good female lead role in a movie, Leia and Rey from Star Wars, some Disney princesses... there's a HUGE list.

But in this trailer it shows a woman crying, and it's fine to have and show emotions for BOTH genders, men can have empathy, they don't need to be dark and moody and angry and silent, and women don't need to be falling into the men's arms like they're the ones in shining white knight armor all the time either, because quite frankly that trope is old, and dead, and stupid too, really, really stupid.

But here's my problem, this is a trailer, being shown to thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of people, and you decide to include women crying... doesn't that make women seem weaker? To me that's like an insult and I just feel empty and dead inside when watching it.

Now then, let me make this VERY clear and obvious to any idiots out there, I DO NOT have a problem with women, I DO NOT have a problem with women taking lead roles in ANY movie, reboot or otherwise, what I do have a problem with is poor and terrible/chunky dialogue and poorly written terrible writtehn characters that should NEVER be or work in a group together. This trailer indicates that this movie is probably going to have that problem, but will it be as bad as Ghostbusters (2016)? Well, I don't think so, I hope not at least. Will it be as great as Ocean's 11? No, definitely not, and that;s because of all the blind hate that it's going to receive, probably some of it will be due to the reception of the last reboot movie with all women replacing an all (or mostly) male cast with Ghostbusters and its reboot.

Personally I think that no matter how well or poorly this is received at the box office or by the public that hate will continue, especially blind hate, the hate that people with misconceptions have, the ones that refuse to listen to the other side of the argument, to both sides, to see logic and reason...

All or most of the actors in the original movie and reboots are great and well-known actors, some even known to be funny, but with both Ghostbusters and Ocean's 11 their reboot sadly will NOT live up to the original, ever. And anyone that says its because of the women replacing the men, they're wrong, true, some people might not see this movie because they're against feminism intentionally or blindly, or they just don't want to see another terrible movie again, but the people that do oppose good intentionally are jerks, and those that do it blindly are misinformed idiots...

I do see both sides here, Hollywood is blind and corrupt and wants to appease the loud minority crying out and they have good intentions my giving women their fair time on the big screen, but the path to hell is paved with good intentions, they are trying to do something good, but the way they are doing it right now is only going to receive more and more blind hate and people refusing to watch their movies, rather than making a documentary that's boring and informative or anything else they decide to release a new movie trying to highlight the importance of women but ultimately receiving lots of hate from the fans of the orginal thing and general/casual audience viewers too. They claim to be doing a good and just thing, but they don't even always realize the harm they cause, or rather instead they ignore it to make a quick buck...

And the Ghostbusters trailer and movie suffers worst of all and EVERYONE that reviewed the movie seemed to make it political and about women's rights issues and all fell into the same trap, but at least they were trying to help, they wanted to inform the masses properly and share their own opinions about things.

Ghostbusters 1984 trailer
Ghostbusters 2016 trailer

(Do I even need to say what's wrong with Ghostbusters reboot? Terrible characters and dialgue and acting? Terrible CGI?)

Everything in Hollywood and media has become so left-winged, so pandering to the minority, so willing to just give up and give the people what we "want" and talk about things/stuff, but never actually deliver because they're focused more on the feelings/emotions of a group and not an individuals skills and talents. And that's what REALLY pisses me off, the attitude everyone in Hollywood seems to have these days, yes, money is important and good, but NOT at the cost of a good and important message.

So, I ask you, don't hate this movie because it has women in it, hate it because of the dialogue and characters if you will because the gender of an actor and where they come from is irrelevant to me so long as they portray a character from a book or script as faithfully as they possibly can.

That's all I have for now, and thanks for listening.

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In my experience, Feminism is great to have in a movie but it really needs to be handled carefully like any race/gender/religion/sexuality issue. You put it in the hands of people who don't understand or even appreciate it and you're going to fall flat on your face and damage the whole concept!
Case in point: Jem and Holograms (2015)

Feminism is like religion. It was meant to do good things and did do good things, but also gave rise to fanatics and extremists. Only unlike most religions in the west. Feminism started less extreme and gave rise to dumb ideas and fanatics with time's passing while religion's fanaticism decreased with time. First and Second wave feminists are admirable in my eyes; third wave feminists are split for me. Some are admirable, some are admirable but misguided, some are not misguided but also not admirable, some are misguided and far from admirable. Even a feminist had once said that third wave feminism was madness.
I suppose a good way of stating my view is that modern feminists don't really practice what they preach.

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