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"Take me away to a dream and I will live like it was real, wake me up to reality and I'll live it like it was a dream."

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My Favorite Ships · 6:42pm Dec 8th, 2017

LyraBon (Lyra + Bonbon)
Octavia Scratch (Octavia Melody + Vinyl Scratch)
Dislestia (Discord+Celestia)
Moonlight/Moonsparkle (Twilight Sparkle + Moondancer)
Sunlight (Sci-Twi + Sunset Shimmer)
Celestia + Luna
SoarinDash (Soarin + Rainbow Dash)
Sparity (Spike + Rarity)
FlutterDash (Fluttershy + Rainbow Dash)
AppleDash (Applejack + Rainbow Dash)
RariJack (Rarity + Applejack)
Trilight (Trixie + Starlight Glimmer)
Starburst/StarGlim/StarGlammer (Starlight Glimmer + Sunburst)

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It's Sunburst not Starburst. Celestia X Luna = Cuna/Lystia
Also what is your opinion on TwiDash

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