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If anything could cause you to die of cuteness... · 12:38pm Oct 3rd, 2017

I'm pretty sure it'd be something like this.

Also, it seems as though the ayes have it for my highly experimental Pokemon story. So, I say, let's go for it! Also, one idea I had was that, after Serena merges with Xerneas at some point, she and Ash/Yveltal have a sort of symbiosis akin to that of Cloak and Dagger from Marvel Comics. See, after merging with and becoming Yveltal, Ash has this endless hunger for life force energy, something that only Xerneas can sate. Also, after she merges with Xerneas to try to save Ash from the monster he's become, Serena has the tendency to become overcharged by her new powers, something that only Yveltal can really help with.

Also, there's one other thing I should mention. What should I do with Pikachu? Not too fond of the idea of killing off the face of Pokemon. Suggestions?

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He does look adorable, but I still don't want him to steal my soul. :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy: It's still a 'daw' though! XD :heart:

Team Pet/Team Mascot.

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