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The Best of Sunset Shimmer 2017: Voting Poll! · 8:00pm Sep 20th, 2017

Hello everyone!

Most of you have probably already seen this, but I might as well post it here too.

Let’s go over the basics, because you only have until 10PM Pacific on Thursday, September 21 to vote!

Here’s how this works:

Simply head over to the form linked below and select up to three of your favorite Sunset Shimmer stories from among the nominations! Please note that votes put into the comments of this thread won't be counted!

However, due to the system, I ask that we also make Applejack proud by only voting once.

Remember, the goal is to show the world the Best Sunset Shimmer Stories of 2017!

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Comments ( 14 )

darn was hoping my fave ongoing sunset story would be on the list but it was released in october of 2016 now i have to think on what to vote for

Actually, that would have been fair game, because the cutoff date is August 1, 2016 (It's just easier to say 2017)

That was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done! Several of my top favorite stories were on there!!

Author Interviewer

Ugh, I've only read like two stories on that list, and none of my favorite Sunset fics are in there. D: I think I missed an opportunity.

Also, Kamen Rider Unicorn what c.c

The challenge makes it all the better!

Regarding that story... I have no idea. Sadly, I didn't think about putting the nominations thread on my blog. Oversight on my part. Oh well, you could always just vote for one of mine.

Naw. Don't do that. :rainbowlaugh:

And here I thought I read a lot of Sunset Shimmer this year. I guess not...

Author Interviewer

I voted for the two I recognized by name. :B Here's hoping I actually liked them!

Fair game, sir. Fair game! :pinkiehappy:


oh then why is makign family not on the list >.<

I just can't choose! :raritycry:

Although at least I now have a bunch of others I didn't know of to add to my reading list

No one nominated it!

...I see no downside.

when where the nominations

Sadly, they were earlier this week. A lack of proper planning ended up with the nomination period being rather shorter than I would have liked. If it's any consolation, I have already resolved a plan to make sure this does not reoccur next year. (Yeah, there's a reason Twilight AND Sunset are my muses...)


i should have been payying more attention to blog posts i normaly skim there titles

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