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Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

Hey! It’s your favourite boxer here. Just chilling. Won’t be on much though we can catch up on discord.

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My favourite friends to least · 10:23am Sep 20th, 2017

1. PixelMoon, Peppermint Frost
My two BFF’s who never let me down and they’re mostly the one’s who make me happy brightens up my day and life if it wasn't for them I wouldn't even be really confident and kind right now.
You should definitely follow them they’re really kind also, Peppermint is my editor and they’re supportive always up to comment on my blogs. Me and Peppermint have a great time chatting on discord and we all love helping each other. I just can’t pick between these two.

2. Adorkable Sunshine
She is shy most of the times but when she’s out of her shell she’s just a very kind friend and is always there to help me and I’m always there for her to help her.

2. Kitty_cat01
She is kind and funny she’s a really great artist and very supportive on discord.

3. Fox4230
Let’s just say he’s another friend from discord loves giving me hugs in my server and I enjoy voice chatting with him.

4. ImTheRealPinkiePie
Also a friend on discord she’s funny all the time and always makes me laugh.

5. Tynal
Also another friend from discord loves helping me with my server I trust him very much now he’s an admin in my server.

6. DeshLune
Yes another friend from discord this user is funny and always makes me smile and laugh sometimes serious if needed.

7. Hoops
He’s also on discord a friend who doesn’t trust that many but kind in the inside but I just know he doesn’t want to let it out.

8. fluffysam
She’s kind and umm... that’s all I can say!

9. Toothless the Night Fury
We both love Toothless and How To Train Your Dragon we both love the cute sences with Toothless in them and love her profile pic.

10. Shysworld
Good at keeping secrets just became friends today so still getting to know each other, and for some reason I already like this user.

11. Rosewood Thorns
Loves talking to me and reading my stories we just became friends straight away she reads my stories and I read hers. And she is good with keeping secrets more the listening.

12. kluck
We are having a nice chat and he loves reading my stories as well. And gives me these awesome tips on how to become a great author.

13. Circus Prize
Almost my favourite but not quite loves it when she pets me, it’s so nice!

14. JediMoonstar
Love the photos and videos you send me what a lovely talk we have together.

15. TwilieTheFoal
A good friend who helps me inside my groups that she joins and always make my groups better.

16. Garlic Ghost
I haven't talked to her for a while haven't been on here for a while we live in the same country Australia same time and can keep secrets.

17. bright foal
When I have any questions she’s always up to answer them and knows a bit what’s coming in the future if life gets tough or not.

18. Lucky Rose
I’m her editor and love to talk to her and edit her story.

19. Sparkling Blaze
Always up for a talk and makes me happy when I'm sick. :pinkiesick:

20. Ancsta
He’s also from discord fun to chat with in a server.

21. Silent echo
A nice friend who thinks I'm cute and it's a bit fun when she stalks me always up to comment on my blogs, stories and see what I’m up to.

22. ArtistFire12
We just became friends today already she’s nice to talk to when I get to know her better then there will be more information about her.

23. fluttercord shipper 23
A good friend tells me where he has been in special occasions.

24. HappyMoonGamingOffical
I have been celebrating his birthday 2 months ago, I think I don't know you can ask him.

25. MidnightShy21
A very nice friend to talk to she is very kind so if you be kind to her she will be kind back.

26. WildFlame
Ehhh sorry but nothing just went crazy when I said hi to her/he

Please follow these people they deserve it because they brightened up my life these friends are the friends that I could never imagine that I really care about most and please follow Rainspirit18 and Dovewing the warrior these friends are my school friends so I just thought of putting my website friends in order. Sorry school friends but still you are my best BFF’s that I could ever have.

If you need the link to follow these users just comment below 👇🏻HERE!👇🏻

And please check my friends list follow all of them in my friends list please!

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Yay im 6 this is the best i have ever Done XD

You are very welcome my best friend. :twilightsmile: You are brightening up my night seriously it's night time here going to bed now. :heart:🐶

Really glad to know I'm in that list:twilightsmile:

Thanks. That means a lot knowing that i'm on your best online friends list, in number 3 too. :pinkiehappy::heart::twilightsmile:

I'M NUMBER ONE!? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment posted by PixelMoon deleted Sep 23rd, 2017

I think the whole wide world is hearing you and thanks for the follow I appreciate it so much you just brightened my day again! Let's celebrate! (Making a celebration blog with 100 followers)

Well I uh guess I'm an acquaintance oh well hehe

Its nothing just forget it

Mwahaha now I know who to target first! I'll get you and your little friends to!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh......... Okay!

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