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Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever

Hey! It’s your favourite boxer here. Just chilling. Won’t be on much though we can catch up on discord.

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Reasons why I’m less active · 12:32pm Apr 19th, 2021

Hi all,

Just letting you all know, that I’m not as active as I use to here anymore, as most of you may have noticed. I usually spend more time on discord though I’m not on it either 24/7 except for the weekends possibly. Lately, school has been blocking my way giving me less free time to freely write any new stories. The last time I’ve been writing my story that’s still in working progress was back in 2019. Lately, these stuff that have been arising through my life outside of the internet, this has also led me to writers block, along with tiredness and other hobbies to do during my free time. So new stories may not be coming any time soon. I’ll try my best to keep in touch with all of you guys, though the best way to contact me is through discord which is shown in my linked accounts.

Yours sincerely, your fav pup. :twilightsmile:

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Just stay a safe and fwuffy pup, friend. :twilightsmile::heart:

Stay safe and take your time! As long as we know you're alive and well everything's great! :heart:

My puppy fur ain’t going away anytime soon. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks! Nothing very serious happening just busy schedules. :twilightsmile:

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