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Creating stories is the only thing I have left where I feel like I add value to the world.

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FIMfiction Amino · 8:04pm Sep 14th, 2017

Is this souless self advertisment? Eh I guess but I'm a small writer no one cares about so let's do this.

I would be really happy if someone commented down below if this sounds intresting for you and if you could offer me some help, thank you.

Hi I'm Lux and I'm the leader of the FIMfiction writers amino ^_^ This community was made for all the writers that love mlp and reading said fanfictions. It's not really a new community however it isnt until now I'm actually going to try and make it big. This community will help anyone that needs help with their stories and want to make friends and partners with other writers. Some of you might even do collabs!

Now some of you might not now what amino is, and well I don't blame you as I didn't hear about it since a year ago. Amino is a chatting app that allows you to join and create communities. It's rather easy to use and you can create everything from wiki entries to polls. The app also allows voice chat, something that could come in handy as a discussion normally flows much better in speech rather than text.

Now you probally wonder why I'm asking all of you to join. Well I need members to actually make the community a thing, and with members I will need fellow leaders and curators to watch over the community and help the members. This is why I'm asking all you larger writers to possibly join the community and help me. In the end this would be a place you will get help and advice, so I would want you experinced people on my side in this as I haven't years upon years of writing experince.

If the owners of this site would somehow see this post I would request that you don't delete it but it's your choise if this breaks the guidelines of your website. However amino only works on tablets and phones meaning that you will not be able to access the community or app on pc. I know it sucks but it's how it is.

post this link inside the amino app to find the comm

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