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    New art of an old character~

    Guess who~

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    Holiday Season!

    Here’s some happy little art for all of you as an update instead of words and promises I can’t seem to keep!

    Huh... I wonder who this is... and what it could possibly mean!

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    Well Kiddos, it's time.

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    Hey, it's been a while

    I know it's been a long while since I've posted. But, I'm still very much alive. To prove it, within the next week I hope to actually get the first chapter of a three parter involving Luna and a Guard (With possible cameo from Celestia for a threesome if I write four chapters) Expect it to be slow build up to a long kinky final chapter. If you've got any kinks you'd want to see in it, feel free

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    Another Break and Life Changes

    Well, it's been a while since I posted anything. As of late I've been lacking any ability to do much of anything. I'm gonna try writing again now that I'm feeling much better! Starting with Blinded and slowly working my way out. If there are any stories that you'd like to see continued just tell me their names and I'll give you a 'decent' estimate on when or if I'll get to it.

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Story Reading! · 6:20am Aug 11th, 2017

A good man named Spore Harvest had decided to do a reading of Fallen. Honestly I can't give him a big enough thank you for it! This is honestly something I never thought would happen any day, let alone for any of my stories!

I can't thank him enough for doing this!

Here's the link to the first chapter's reading.

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