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    So, if you're a fan of this story, you'll know that it's been on hiatus for at least a year, if not more. The reason it's on hiatus is because I don't have an idea for the Fluttershy chapter. This story is an adaptation of a Palcomix comic series, but I don't want it to become too similar, since the first chapter is very similar to the first chapter of the comic. If you have ideas for what Spike

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Should Ember make an Appearance? · 6:59am Aug 1st, 2017

Even though the newest chapter where Spike is in detention with Luna isn't out yet, and I'm not one for giving spoilers, since the chapter is about halfway done, and something that comes up in it is making me want to bring in a new girl, I want your opinions. When Spike was living in Fillydelphia, he had a girlfriend, Ember. He started hanging out with the wrong crowd, namely Garble, and she dumped him. When she arrives as a new student, Spike confesses that he blames himself for driving her away, not Garble. She also admits that she's always regretted breaking up with him, and that she's glad to see him again, even if the circumstances aren't what she expected.

Comments ( 6 )

I'm all for it. :raritywink:

you should wait after the detention chapter for ember to make a scene

I actually planned on her making an appearance shortly after Spike's sister and mother arrived.

well up to you since you're the writer

I actully like the ida of Ember showing up in the story as Spike's ex--it definitely would be interesting how the girls react that their ideal 'knight in shining armor' was someone else's knight before. And it would be interesting if there were a few more of Spike's former life before he was transferred to this prep school for girls.

Definitely need to have a bit of rivalry between one of the mane 6 and Ember--now the question would be 'Which girl would be the best one to have a rivalry with Ember?' if that actually shows up...

Go for it it'll be funny to watch the girls fight over him like a pack of rabid wolves fighting for a scrap of meat.

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