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    Prototype Gilda isn't dead. In fact, she's sort of finished.

    Is this story dead? No, the rough draft is done. O just got to go through and edit the last of it. When that will happen? soon.

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    Happy April fool's day. Have a chapter.

    Yeah, it's that time of year. Gilda rises again, now with more trains. And this is just the beginning. I got like... 50k? Yeah, 50k words in the backlog ready to be edited. We're getting a summer of Gilda. Also, I'm right around the corner to start writing up the END GAME. The END GAME should be coming along later this year, I guess, and then the story will be done. That's right, you'll be

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    A New Title

    Now that a theme is actually taking place in Prototype: Equestria Strains (Maybe you don't see it yet, but it'll be coming up in some nearby chapters), I have a better name than the kind of generic Prototype: Equestria Strains.

    Gilda's Miserable Prototype Adventures

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    Gilda & Applejack, not much out there.

    Here's a story idea. Gilda and Applejack become friends. Yeah, it's a wierd pair, but hear me out. Gilda strikes me as the kind of character who puts hard work into what she does. She grew up in a crummy village where I assume they hard to grow their own food, so I bet Gilda is familiar with farmwork. She puts effort into making her scones, as seen when Pinkie & Rainbow visit. I think based on

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    Golden Onion Giraffe

    A legitimate name for a thing in the current chapter I'm working on.

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Rewrites. Rewrites. Rewrites. Rewrites. Rewrites. Rewrites. Rewrites. Rewrites. · 9:40am Jul 17th, 2017

The rewrites. So many rewrites...

I swear, this chapter, this blasted chapter. This chapter is the reason it's taken so long for me to update Equestria Strains. First time I wanted Eureka hanging out with the Daycare gang. Didn't like it. Then I wanted mobsters to come in. That's right, mobsters. Tanya would track Gilda to the daycare and bring mobsters for her because Gilda owes them a lot of money. Flipping mobsters. But I thought their introduction wasn't good enough, so I rewrote the mobsters. But then I realized the mobster subplot is just going to drag the story along. I already spent my fluff chapters on the Eureka kidnapping, we need to get the story going.

Then I rewrote the entire chapter into something different. Budge would fight Gilda over a sandwich. Remember Budge? Problem is the fight felt forced, and I wrote a middle man between Eureka and Gilda.

But no more. We're good. I cut the middle man. No fight. No mobsters. Some bullshit, but not intrusive bullshit and it's plot relevant bullshit. We're good. It's getting published, after a basic edit. Speaking of which, I may need an editor for grammar and crap.

It'll get published... Crap, I'm traveling. It'll pop up by the end of the month. Your patience will be rewarded, children! WE're going to start seeing some real shit in the upcoming chapters. Figurative real shit, not literal real. I'll rip monster testicles off but not do poop jokes. I got standards.

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#1 · Jul 17th, 2017 · · ·

Figurative real shit, not literal real.


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