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Discordant Harmony, The Perfect Pear, various thoughts · 5:08pm Jun 23rd, 2017

Thank you, Australia, for bringing me this! I was so sad Canada stopped their early releases to tease me with this. But now it is here! A double this time due to minimal thoughts.
I love Discord's development, and it's fruity time it seems? Let's check it all out.

Discordant Harmony

     —Discords shenanigans are still great. Discord allegedly has some split selves here, which provides some potentially interesting insight.
     —I spy that hat! Either Discord spent some quality time with Twilight, or... he used to be Starswirl. Or that's what the animators want us to think.
     —Flutters is getting a taste for chaos, although I guess her visiting Discord has not come up? I wonder why? But she really has gotten to know him, and it's adorbs.
     —And true to some theories, Discord needs to be chaotic in order to exist. This isn't a new moral,
but I really love the application for it this episode. Discord is such a sweetheart, and Flutters is so affectionate.

     —I wonder what sort of journey those teabags had. They did travel across Equestria, it seems.
     —Poor Parcel is still lost in Discord's dimension. Good grief.

The Perfect Pear

—Fruit rivalry, I see. Aaaand it's the Hooffield and McColts War II except primarily between two members. They must have been incredibly influential to spark such a rivalry for what must have been decades. Whoever the elders were at the time, too.
—Goldie has some interesting cats. Particularly the one with the eyes.

—I guess love for your trees help them grow. It must be an earth pony's magic.

—Someone did math concluding that Bright Mac's anniversary declaration reveals it's been fifteen years. The two ought to be eighteen at that point. At last, pony lifespans are comparable! Also, Mayor Mare really is an elder. The years have treated her well.
—Their parents are confirmed! And they appear really eloquent for babies. Also "was" a Pear. She. Is. Gone. Holy apple-picking crap-buckets! At last this is confirmed! Not to mention the way everypony else talks about them. And AJ's hat is likely in memory of her dad. This episode is filled with tragedy.
—Cup Cake used to be Chiffon Swirl. The naming conventions and laws surrounding these names continue to be confusing!
—Our third song this season! And it is lovely! I like Buttercup a lot as well.
—It's possible Grand Pear has Parkison's, and that the reason he returned to Ponyville was because he didn't think he had much time left... Yet another layer that adds to the tragedy and heartache that is this lovely thing. :raritycry: Pumpkin is extremely reminiscent of Buttercup. I imagine it must be quite a thing to see your deceased best friend in your daughter every day...
—I see genetic modification exists. Well, magic is everywhere, so it makes sense.

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Need to take those color tags off your spoilers. Read your blogs after you post them. That's what I do.

I'm just hoping the coding will be fixed soon. Maybe I should take it up with Knighty as soon as I get home. But I'm glad you read these.:3

Because you can't edit on a phone, people have done math proving conclusively that pony lifespans are comparable to ours.:3

Or how about you not disregard what was recommended, hm?

I get you want to use the color, but the spoiler tag isn't hiding it, so you have to get rid of something.

An array of picks from these two soundtracks.

The main attraction itself, of course.

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