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"Perfectly Immoral Moral Person" and "Student of Despair with Hope" I will not succumb to this hunger. Let these pages sate yours as well as mine. Also, I'd like longer eyelashesO_o

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This story is a sequel to Rhythm and Harmony: The Octascratch Prompt Collab

These are various short stories by various authors pertaining to the love between Octavia and Vinyl Scratch.
The thread for prompts may be found here.

The original publisher has vanished without a trace, so we have decided to keep this collab going by having me taking their place. This will update at intervals~

Chapters (7)

A pony awakens to a ticking sound, finding herself lost and with no memories, with a strange feeling of abandonment and sorrow. The only thing she knows is what she is.
A monster.

((It will be evident what kind of crossover it will be later. I have to sort out a few things, but oh well.
Thank you for reading!))

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(Read description please.)
Have you ever in your life wanted to enter a fictional world that you have been intoxicated with by the fair emotion of love? I certainly have. And what I received was a ticket to that world, something that obviously did not come without endless shenanigans. Well, the reason stands unclear, and the accursed mind of mine finds no answer. It has repeated itself. I find myself in the peculiar world brimming with nonsense and magnificence. A dream come true? I am not certain. I fear that my very existance here in this realm is accursed- something that should not be. I would hate make a fool out of myself, still, if you happen to find this, do not enlighten others. Let no o- no, noPONY learn the way of Gensokyo.


This story was meant to be more magnificent when it was within the realm of my mind. Typically, the would not be the case. I will rewrite it, though I will have it here so doing so is easier. And please do not hate me if I submitted it incorrectly...
Also take into mind this is my very first piece of fiction about this franchise, so I may or may not fail utterly at portraying the characters' respective personalities.
Disabled gore until there is actual gore.

Chapters (2)
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