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F/F/T3K15 6/22: End of anniversary. · 4:58am Jun 23rd, 2017

Last week's special anniversary double feature is done. Read at your own peril.

This week... oh good lord, you're starting one of the worst things ever. Like, you're probably already riffing THE worst thing ever with the first chapters of "Living the Dream," but... THIS is historic. The one that painted a whole new community's target on an already reviled author's back. You've heard of it in whispers, in legends perhaps told throughout the riffs we did of his other stories, but THIS is where his bizarre paradoxical anti-friendship hatefic that's still totally about friendship started. An unholy orgy consisting of an alternate universe populated by anthro alicorns, a cast of characters that could actually be an engaging bunch if they weren't such obnoxious cardboard cutouts with one defining quirk BARELY setting them apart (seriously, IMAGINE ANY OF THIS IN THE HANDS OF A WRITER WHO CARED), a message about belief that still hinges on friendship despite the author's frothing claims to the contrary, a Power Rangers-esque monster-of-the-week plot for far too long into its run (by the time I just gave up reading even the original riff, THAT WAS STILL HAPPENING), attempts at lyric-writing that has been known to induce cringing in those with even the strongest tolerance to cringe, a structure created PURELY out of spite and hatred for the source material because that TOTALLY makes sense as writing motivation, and as if that wasn't bad enough, IT STARTS BY RIPPING OFF THE MLP PILOT BEAT FOR BEAT.

And I PROMISE you I'm going easy on it with that description.

Welcome to the purged pilot that didn't, doesn't, and will never get put to rest and forgotten: "My Little Unicorn: Magic Is Believing."

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