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Music SIG Likes #48 :: Battle Beast · 12:12am Jun 5th, 2017

Sometimes someone will be reading these silly little music blogs and suggest something new and incredible and excellent that I have never even heard of. This was one of those times.

Special thanks to CoffeeMinion for showing me Battle Beast. This is some incredible (if I may say so myself) 80s-style power metal. The lead singer, Noora Louhimo, has a wonderful voice reminiscent of a delicious combination of Dio and Judas Priest. I normally despise screamo type metal, but her voice caries it with aplomb, making it sound almost natural. (Seriously, Noora had a strong voice; just listen to Let it Roar or Black Ninja below...)

If you like classic 80s style metal, you most certainly need to give them a listen.

(spier17 - Smile Smile Smile!)

Let It Roar
(My favourite!)

Out of Control

Out on the Streets


(Shades of Judas Priest's Painkiller here...)

Into the Heart of Danger
(A hint of Dio here...)


Over the Top

Black Ninja
(More Judas Priest/Dio here. The "BLACK NINJAAA!!!" chorus is perfect for singing in in the shower; just ask Significant Other! :raritywink:)

Rain Man

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

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Oh man, I'm gonna listen to all of these once I get back to my computer. :pinkiehappy: I've had my eyes on them for the longest time but their albums have been a little too expensive for me to pull the trigger.


Oh man, I'm gonna listen to all of these once I get back to my computer.

BB's certainly a delicious band. You know you are bad-arse when Sabaton covers you:

Out of Control

Sabaton covered them. :pinkiegasp: Yes, that is definitely among the gold standards in metal! :coolphoto:

OK, I finally picked up Bringer of Pain. :rainbowdetermined2: Current favorite:


We Will Fight

Reminds me a bit of Sabaton, what with all the martial imagery

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