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Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children. · 12:40am May 13th, 2019

(Muffinshire - Tiny Pony)

They told mum that being unexpectedly pregnant at her age carried a high risk of complications that could severely, negatively impact her health.

They told mum that the amniocentesis showed a distressingly high chance for issues and that even if she beat the odds and did not deliver stillborn, the issues would more than likely cause an early death at $MAXIMUM_EXPECTED_YEARS

Given the risk to her health the pregnancy imposed, the doctors presented Mum with all her options. Even the nuclear option. Mum told them to "f:yay:k right off"(sic).

Last year was $MAXIMUM_EXPECTED_YEARS. This year, one day before Mother's day we celebrated my $MAXIMUM_EXPECTED_YEARS + 1 birthday. Thank you mum for telling the doctors where to stick it and carrying me to term.

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Aww, that’s sweet and wholesome, f:yay:in’ off or not. Congratulations on beating the odds!! I hope you triple them!

Happy mother's day indeed! Glad to have ya around. :twilightsmile:

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