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Music SIG Likes #79 - More Musical Mashup Madness! · 1:55am Mar 1st, 2020

Another round of absolutely brilliant mashups composed by the golden-eared Bill McClintock. Bill has such an incredible ear mixing and engineering the new tunes that if you were not familiar with the source songs, you would swear that those were "regular" songs.

When it comes to mashup, the little details really make or break, and Bill is an absolute genius with these details, like adding a little bit of a Satrani solo to add flavour and aural contrast to a Slayer + Katrina & the Waves song or remixing Ozzy and Marvin Gaye's lyrics to make a cohesive, thematic whole ("'Aint no mountain high enough, one step away from you!").

When it comes to mashups, the videos are often times sadly overlooked. Not so with Bill. The video portion to his works have just as much attention to detail, flowing back and forth quite smoothly and naturally (as much as working with limited footage), telling a story with pictures and emphasising the music.

Enough of me fangirling! Seriously check out Bill's works below! The man is an absolute genius and I am pretty sure he has created a brand-new genre (Soul Metal; see below)

(rexyseven - Totally Connnected)

This next bit I am sure Bill (re)created a new genre of Soul/Motown Metal. Really highlights just how the "original" metal bands took their influence from blues, soul, and motown. Something about the way the clean vocals mesh so well with the heavy, sludgy riffs really pleases me. Like peanut butter and chocolate! (In all absolute seriousness, please, please let me know if you know of any bands with a soul & metal type of sound. I really would love to hear more of it.)

Feel free to reply and post anything that you enjoy!

Comments ( 2 )

If You Wanna Breathe My Sulfur just about killed me.

Killed By Exodus might've finished the job. :rainbowlaugh:

Suicide Confusion is remarkably legit, tho!

I just realised I forgot to put the song titles and artist in the post... :facehoof:

But yeah Sulfur was deliciously barmy. Corey and Geri make such a beautiful train wreck. Katrina and Slayer were excellent too in Chemical Warfare (Don't It Feel Good?), and that surprise Satrani solo was like a cherry on top

Suicide Confusion is remarkably legit, tho!


Yes, that was legit. Yes indeed. It seems that heavy, sludgy, agressive guitar really emphasised and complemented the Temptations' vocals quite well.

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