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A Royal Problem, various thoughts · 5:50pm May 21st, 2017

It's been a long time coming that we have some proper insight into the lives of the princesses. What sort of feelings and times left behind. Just some sisterly interaction! How will this measure up then? Let's find out!

—Phhhhhhhhbt, not five seconds in and we already have fun faces. :rainbowlaugh: But hah. Take that, TV Tropes! It's looking like Starlight is officially a main mare now. Poor Twilight being unused. I hope she'll have a more significant role without suffering the usual down-dumbing at some point. :derpytongue2:
—That The Map recognises Starlight gives me hope that maybe the Crusaders will eventually be sent on missions themselves. My theory lives! On the other hand, can one become an emissary of Harmony unrelated to the Elements? Or is Starlight another hidden Element..?
—Butternut squash exists. I wonder where from?
—Of course Twilight would know a clairaudience-like spell that allows her to possess objects. Maybe a variation on Haycart's studying spell? That is super cool, and I appreciate her still being around as a guide for Starlight sometimes. (Assuming she wasn't lying about that.) Such a concerned mum.
—Starlight is the main suppliant of deus ex machina, it seems. She just used transformative magic on both princesses? Okai den. I am increasingly curious what sort of lineage she is from to allow her these incredibly convenient and definitely high-class spells that even exceed Twilight. (Although she seems to have one-upped her with that alleged clairaudience-like spell.)
—Twilight biased about Celestia? What makes you say that? I wonder how this will develop. My idea is that Twilight has a crush. I'd like to see more about Twilight's relationship with both Celestia and Luna in more detail at some point. (I've read a bit of fiction that sheds some light on potential angles... and I think it's time we see feelings change.)
—Celestia cooks food. I wonder if she has any cooks? "I cooked with the princess!"
—Their flowing mane seems to require conscious effort, or is held down by extreme negative feelings. Given magic seems also often powered by emotions, I imagine mental fatigue as well as extreme physical fatigue can kill such accessory magic. Either way, Luna's stopped flowing for a moment. (As well as if they lose all magic entirely, as when Twilight temporarily became the vessel for the other princesses' magic.)
—Teeth falling out in a dream can apparently reference strong anxiety, particularly about sudden changes in life. Well, it makes sense. And foals are evidently Luna's absolute weak point. I feel like, maybe she's thinking about motherhood? And she can't be one? :fluttercry: Or she thinks she can't? On top of her other anxiety and rejection-related issues? Celestia and Luna and Twilight mum are my weak points. I yearn for details. :fluttershysad:
—Live reaction; I am concerned about Celestia's portrayal to be. This is a complicated issue, and we still know very little of what led to Luna's descent into darkness. I don't believe the story told in the series opener is the full truth. As such, it concerns me that Celestia is this passive-aggressive right now. EDIT: Celestia's flaw is her fear of loneliness. She deals with it by surrounding herself with ponies. Luna's way is to stand by sidelines. I'd like to see more of the truth. What broke Luna? What's been eating away at their relationship since Luna was "purified"? What did the Elements even do to change her mind? Well, I figure the overpowering and grudging resentment disgusted and frightened her once her mind was forcibly made clearer. Please provide with lore proper, Hasbro team!
—Sol Praesidium Invictus is rather dissimilar from her sister, although granted, this is Starlight's dream. Or well, Daybreaker. At least it's a name that's fairly appropriate to a perverted version of Celestia. As opposed to Nightmare Rarity, come on
—Celestia seems scared of her. I feel like she's dealing with some issues about her identity as well. And being terrified of becoming something dark and hurtful. Thus why she prefers not to fight and holds back her power. "You will never exist again!" she says. Was this her at some point?
—A dream of Flurry being a DJ? What? And Discord with Smooze, yay! Wait a moment. I just saw The Doctor with an equivalent of a Weeping Angel. He really is The Doctor.
—I sadly don't remember much about the stained glass windows. I notice something referencing the Crystal Kingdom there. Was that always there?
—I'd like to see Luna and Fluttershy interact privately. Just a note, as I think they might be able to relate somewhat.

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