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Hard To Say Anything, Honest Apple, various thoughts · 4:23pm May 21st, 2017

So we're firmly in the character interaction, it seems. Unfortunately, that means not a whole lot of lore comes out of this that I can see. Have a special one then!
New characters and old characters are brought into the spotlight, at least, and that's fun.

Hard to Say Anything

—Where is this alien anatomy terminology coming from? On a semi-related note, Sweetie is really strong, it seems.
—Apparently polyamory may or may not be all right in Equestria. Then again, ponies tend to have herds, I think? Equestrian society seems rather accepting, and that's wonderful.
—The Crusaders are seriously lacking in common sense. But then, it's this sort of fantasy world, and their respective sisters have been saving the land from worse threats many times. You start being a bit weird at that point. :rainbowlaugh:
—The Apple family must be descended from pirates. It makes sense for such successful farmers and merchants to have turned from plundering and sailing and conquest. That's an idea. :D
—I will now assume musical battles are a bit of a thing. I mean, why not? But there seems to be etiquette with this given Mac could finish his verse. On a different note, Feather really comes off as creepy, almost as creepy as his stalker fan girls. I guess he's never been told "no". But his playboy persona aside, he seems more troubled than anything else. I don't know if he's native to Our Town or not. Anyway, nice track.
—This is still just my headcanon which I very likely will never have proper ground for, but I really appreciate the possibility Mac could be a trans lesbian. :rainbowkiss: I really should get on writing that story. But either way, the characterisation moseys on, and it's delicious.

Honest Apple

—Apparently Apple Bloom has some interest in fashion. That's new. Rarity AB episode?
—Some interesting designers we have here. A valley girl hippie of some sort (I'm sorry), an edgy professor-type, and a tall goth. I like Inky Rose. As much as I appreciate AJ's approach, those poor designers are getting their dreams crushed. :fluttercry: Just look at this face.

—Clothes are usually only worn under special circumstances unless you're part of the elite and want to stick out, or for some other practical reason like I imagine Maud has. I'm not entirely sure how valid AJ's criticism is about the dirty dresses given that. It seems like a semi-important thing in Canterlot, among the higher-class, I guess. Assuming they'll want to be wearing clothes often, AJ is probably right. Fashion is still presented as a joke though, I see.
—Rarity letting out all her rage on that guitar is incredibly awesome. Like her human counterpart, she's sort of a guitarist.
—Photo Finish eyes are purple. I believe that's associated with royalty. Curious.
—Relationships matter a lot. Even though your friend is being a jerk, when you know her that long, you know they'll do right in the end. And you know that the best way to remind her of it is to show her. (As much as they were stretching it a tad... I like AJ.)
—I previously had a theory about how going against one's Element might lead to disaster. This time, disaster almost happened for being too in touch with it. There is indeed a delicate balance of everything, which is interesting.
—Sometime, an episode needs to address the spell that makes the girls less notable despite all their achievements. Hopefully AJ can't be charged with assault by pretty much kidnapping everypony. XD
—THANK YOU, AJ. That certain word is being used wrong.

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The selection for the first episode's score :heart:

I rather like this one, at least each battler's first segment.

The second episode stuff

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