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Detective Rarity Cancelation · 11:44pm May 14th, 2017


Guys... I am so sorry. But I'm afraid Detective Rarity and the Haunted Carousel is going to be cancelled. I know you all were probably expecting more but... I'm sorry, I just can't do it.

The story is just a blatant retelling of the original game and I know I'm better than that.

Second thing being, I've got three other stories I need to work on, and this is just cluttering up with the others I have to do. Don't get me wrong, I want to work on it, but I can't bring myself to work on it anymore. I honestly believe there are other Nancy Drew mysteries that I can put Rarity in, and I think I can make a much more interesting and original story from there. But its just not gonna occur from this one.

So... I'm so sorry, but Detective Rarity and the Haunted Carousel is officially, cancelled. I can't put anymore into it. But this I will say.

I promise you guys, I will bring a really good Nancy Drew/Equestria Girls crossover out here. I promise you from the bottom of my heart, I will bring you all a good Nancy Drew crossover, I know it.

So, until then, I'm sorry, and I thank any of you for understanding my plight. Hope you guys have a nice day.

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Comments ( 1 )

It's cool. We all know what it's like when the drive to write a story just drops. best of luck with your other stories. :twilightsmile:

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