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Parental Glideance, various thoughts · 10:01pm May 13th, 2017

You might have noticed I skipped an episode there. No worries. It seems like a few early releases happened over in Canada, so, varying levels of lore to comment on I guess.
So with a little bit of retconning and some delicious character interaction, here we have the fundament to Rainbow's past. What do we have in store?

—Wings continue to be extremely prehensile! Also both of them are super dorks.
—Since it's inevitable, Rainbow looks rather colt-ish in her baby photos, which opens for the possibility that she's trans. It would be cool if that were the case!
—I think we have photo manipulation now, given those rather impossible shots Scoots somehow has.
—"When the going gets tough, the tough don't notice because they have hard shells." Someone loves their Tank. I guess her parents have been really keeping up with their daughter. Albeit maybe not been as in contact. I figure Rainbow avoids talking about her life much.
—Derpy was once a good flier. But it seems her eyes worsening ruined her potential career. Her performance became progressively worse. Then she had a surgery in an attempt to correct it, which did not work... Poor Derps.
—Hothoof installed dramatic sound effects and lights to the annex of Rainbow's room. I have no words.
—Apparently, the future Wonderbolts flew with Rainbow as well. Seems it was destiny they'd meet again as well.
—They almost confirmed Scoots as orphaned. Almost. That's some dangerous borders being skirted there, but it makes sense to her character that she's such a fan-filly to Rainbow then. And Scootaloo being wise is appreciated. (Although Rainbow's characterisation here is still a bit wanting given her development. Oh well.)
—The Star of David exists. I have questions.

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