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Fluttershy leans In, various thoughts · 5:39pm Apr 30th, 2017

Another leak it seems, but it's fun to have some additional pony stuffs for the week. Without further ado, delving right into it.

—Fluttershy isn't the only resident vet and animal keeper, it seems. Good thing that, given how relevant one would be with proximity to the Everfree Forest. So many new animals about as well, from giraffes to koalas, all seemingly free-roaming and such. And despite how that giraffe looks, she's one of the secondary species, evidently. Vets seem special in that they can connect with their secondary animals to some degree, Flutters in particular. They're essentially non-verbal people who usually live more in the wild, but since they're as cognisant and intelligent, they make for good friends and servants, it seems. I'm reminded of daemons (from His Dark Materials), or something similar. It's strange that not everyone lives in such perfect symbiosis, then.
—Equestria's technological level is strange. Either that, or some ponies deliberately stick to antique things. But really, a gramophone? Sometimes it's closer to the present time, other times it's in the 20th century, and I think still Twilight uses the old parchment.
—I somehow missed what Fluttershy said the first time I saw the episode. "Over the years." Over the years. years have passed. CONTINUITY; and the Cake siblings should be older now, what the absolute crap.
—I really appreciate what Fluttershy has become. She tells off ponies in a respectful manner, but with the appropriate force for ponies who don't understand the meaning of professionalism.
—She brought back Big Daddy McColt of all ponies. Continuity! I'm hoping this means some of the plot threads left in the previous seasons will come back and be addressed soon as well, like Gilda's work as an ambassador of friendship in Griffonstone, and some actual insight to Thorax' hive. And Ember's rule as well, as Twilight's simulation aside, we know nothing.
—New relationshipping with Dr. Fauna, who seems to be a professional. I'm not sure if Flutters has obtained a formal qualification for her work, so I wonder if she will someday apply for it? I wonder how the dynamic is between someone like her, and a conventional vet.
—As an aside, I'm reading a fanfic where Fluttershy is a fanfic writer, and while that's not a new concept, this episode makes me want to see Flutters delving into some other interests she might have. It was implied in Scare Master she might be into the equivalent of anime in Equestria, so what if she was a mangaka or something in her off-time? Either way, Flutters being bold is endearing, and sweet.

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