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I am new to writing, I like to play games. The 'lives' we 'live' are short and abruptly end. And I intend to fill it with worthy things.

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  • 117 weeks

    Well I've lost my Wallet. Had all my money in it, three school ID cards, Two Free range Passes and a couple of receipts.
    Officially in Panic mode and Feeling 'Depressed' at the loss...

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  • 118 weeks
    Dream Writing


    ___This is a over detailed writing of the dream I had last month. This dream is about werewolves and as with dreams time and movements like to jerk around a bit. Scenes and Descriptions may or may not have occured within the dream. Enjoy!


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  • 118 weeks

    I'm skipping school to go have a Mental Health Day (Watching Infinity War).

    Plus I may have a light story about a Dream I had last month. Albeit the detailing is a bit fabricated apart when it comes to the jumbled mess that is a dream.

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  • 120 weeks
    National Walkout

    Well, we just had our school 17 Minute Walkout today at 10 AM. Wasn't really all that interesting and not a lot of people came. Was just there for the Turnout and Curiosity.

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  • 121 weeks
    Wooo! 50 Followers!

    This is a First for me, and I must say.. Thank you.

    Even though I haven't got a story up on this site - trust me - there's one in the works.
    I just need to get the first chapter finalized...

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Militaries in Equestria · 3:40pm Apr 25th, 2017

I've Created a Sort of Filler for the "Military in Equestria" Group that Vanished a While Back... I'm willing to take some advice/help for me to make the group a better place since this is my first time opening one.

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Comments ( 3 )

I have a question regarding the Militaries in Equestria group. I have a whole series centered around warfare in Equestria (Terror in Equestria) which folder would those go into?

4509945 Created a folder for you.

4509951 Thanks and I added my series to it! :scootangel:

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