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I am new to writing, I like to play games. The 'lives' we 'live' are short and abruptly end. And I intend to fill it with worthy things.

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  • 123 weeks

    Well I've lost my Wallet. Had all my money in it, three school ID cards, Two Free range Passes and a couple of receipts.
    Officially in Panic mode and Feeling 'Depressed' at the loss...

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  • 124 weeks
    Dream Writing


    ___This is a over detailed writing of the dream I had last month. This dream is about werewolves and as with dreams time and movements like to jerk around a bit. Scenes and Descriptions may or may not have occured within the dream. Enjoy!


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  • 124 weeks

    I'm skipping school to go have a Mental Health Day (Watching Infinity War).

    Plus I may have a light story about a Dream I had last month. Albeit the detailing is a bit fabricated apart when it comes to the jumbled mess that is a dream.

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  • 126 weeks
    National Walkout

    Well, we just had our school 17 Minute Walkout today at 10 AM. Wasn't really all that interesting and not a lot of people came. Was just there for the Turnout and Curiosity.

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  • 127 weeks
    Wooo! 50 Followers!

    This is a First for me, and I must say.. Thank you.

    Even though I haven't got a story up on this site - trust me - there's one in the works.
    I just need to get the first chapter finalized...

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Dream Writing · 1:51pm May 4th, 2018


___This is a over detailed writing of the dream I had last month. This dream is about werewolves and as with dreams time and movements like to jerk around a bit. Scenes and Descriptions may or may not have occured within the dream. Enjoy!


___The Victorian style house was unlit, it's only occupant lived in the upstairs bedroom adjacent to the main staircase. The Pale moonlight flooding through the only window onto the king-sized bed.

___The house creaked and groaned as the wind outside beat against the sides of the house. Usually during these cloudy nights the wind would pass over the top of the fireplace chimney echoing the noise into the room.

___Anon lid awake on the bed, irate and fuming at the storm outside as a headache settled in. Of course the mysteries of this would would frighten just about anyone, but the combination of anger and pain made him indifferent to the horse elderly voice that echoed through the room.

"Touch the Fireplace..."

___Upon hearing the words he jumped a little, but his headache quickly returned.

"Oh shut up for gods sake! Let me F***ing sleep!"
He said into the moon-lit room. The wind answered back, it's voice barely above a whisper.

"You'll be sorry..."

___The wind died down and his headache disappeared, allowing him to doze off. A faint howl could be heard in the distance as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

___The suns rays shone through the window and onto Anon's face, the dawn light waking him from his slumber. A loud bang shook through the house, quickly, he pulled on his nightgown and looked outside through the curtains. Seemingly the shed door was wide open as it flapped around due to the wind, slapping the frame as it rebounded due to the wind. The dawn light barely penetrating the inside of the sheds interior.

___Stepping outside a foul smell wafted through his nose as he approached the shed door. A faint red line in the dirt leading towards the door made him stop abruptly. Cautiously he walked towards the door, more of the light revealing what the contents of the shed were.

___A faint Growling could be heard as he looked into the Darkness, only brief flashes of light providing and visibility into the darkness. Streaks of red covered the wooden interior oozing out the front door as the smell of rotting meat perforated the stale air.

___The foreleg of a deer jutted out into the daylight, it bounced around out of the shadows as what seemed to be a fairly large animal on the other end. He backed up towards the house the animal turning it's attention back inside, his foot soon hit against something causing him to fall backwards.

___The creature quickly snapped it's head around towards him, it's attention now fully pressed upon Anon. It launched itself out of the shed and upon the form that was propped up upon the grass, it's claws ripping into the soft flesh.

___Unexpectedly the Brown, Bi-legged and Starved creature stopped it's ferocious attack and stepped backwards, as if it was waiting for something...

___Further snarls could be heard as Anon started Shaking violently, his drained body not comprehending the situation he was in. Snapping of sinew and bone and the ripping of clothing resounded through the hedgerows around the backyard as Anon started to yell at the intense pain that wracked his body. Those wails turned into howls as Anon continued to change further into something that was un-human.

___As soon as the transformation started, it stopped. Where a 6' Short-Brown haired Anon now stood a 8' tall beast that barely resembled him at all. Only the way it carried itself was the last indication of the humanity it once held in that very moment.

___Driven by its primal and feral instincts the Beast launched itself at the much smaller creature, tearing into it's thick hide like butter it's sharp claws making short work of it. The beast was dead, a pool of blood rapidly forming in the backyard. The Black-Furred claws now stained crimson, breathed heavily before collapsing onto the blood stained grass.

___Reverting back it his original form and before he passed out from exhaustion one final thought passed through his mind...

'So that's what it like...'

___The sun continued to rise on the Crimson colored backyard, and the unconscious form of Anon laid in the center of it all. Alas, nothing would be the same ever again as the Full Moon dipped below the horizon.

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