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  • 4 weeks
    Im not dead...

    ...I'm just napping

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  • 11 weeks
    Mild Leave of Absence.

    I'll probably not be posting or updating for the next week or two (Big Probably Mind you,)
    And before anyone says anything, it's not because of some huge life-altering event.

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  • 21 weeks
    Randomness for Random sake

    Sometimes I like to add random Images to my main account page. I just like the idea of someone scrolling down to comment and just being confused by the random

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    Spike: Kirin Godess of Fertility going back on Hiatus

    I had the next chapter pretty much finished and, upon re-reading it, realized it was repetitive, boring, and just a rehash of an older chapter. So I am putting the story back on Hiatus until such a time as I can make the chapters feel less samey (Next time I'll make sure to keep the weekly updates going for a few months, three at least,) Sorry for any advid readers but I assure you it's better

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  • 31 weeks
    Remnants of the original Lone Warriror

    People have asked me if I still have the original story for the Lone Warrior, and after some searching I can now say that I still have most of it. the first 4 original chapters have no backups so they just no longer exist in their original form, That said I still all of the rest of the story from Chapter 4.5 to Chapter 20.

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Unfortunate brake · 4:07pm Apr 9th, 2017

from May 5th to an unknown time, I won`t be writing stories. my laptop is a school issue, and my parents(AFTER A YEAR!!!) still haven't found the time to give me a room to sleep in. so from May 5th on, no more stories updates, I`ll still be able to login via phone, but no story writing.

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Man that suck! Don't worry buddy,Parent are hard but they are fair anyway i'm with You my friend. Be brave :pinkiesad2:

4490048 I shall be, thanks buddy :rainbowkiss:

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