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I am Swedish, born and raised in the fine city of Göteborg, or Gothenburg in English, I'm male, single, heterosexual, I like to read, write, paint, Tabletop RPGs, playing video games and cooking.

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  • 13 weeks
    Ch. 4 of ACIE is up.

    Another chapter made. It is the shortest chapter yet but it adds information, reactions, characters, and training scenes that will add some clarity to the future storyline. I hope you all will enjoy it.

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  • 19 weeks
    Pill Alchemy Yes, No, Other? (Poll Closed)

    Hello there. Staadnauthursil here with another message.

    I was recently asked if my story, A Cultivator In Equestria, will have the Pill-based alchemy of wuxia/xian stories. It involves combining ingredients in a furnace into the shape of pills that varies in strength and effects, like artifacts.

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  • 19 weeks
    Chapter 3 is up.

    Just want to tell you guys that Chapter 3 of A Cultivator in Equestria is complete. It is a more violent chapter, so hope you rip and tear lovers are ready.

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  • 23 weeks
    Sorry for my Error

    I noticed something absent from my latest story. A Cultivator In Equestria. Apparently, had I forgotten to put in my patreon notification and gratitude message that I normally place in Maleficus Victoria. I am going to personally correct this before this post is up. I apologize to my patreons for missing this detail.

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  • 24 weeks
    Happy Birthday to ME!

    Welp. Another year. Another notch on my achievement meter of surviving past 30. I won't have an update available until after the weekend, and it will most probably be my new fic A Cultivator In Equestria that will be priorities for now.

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Maleficus Victoria Progress & Pictures (2) · 6:56pm Apr 7th, 2017

Chapter Two us up and I have added two pictures to this here Blog Progress. I have made them using a new art tablet I brought a few weeks ago, I have never used one of these before, but I think I am making progress. Here's my first two published arts using it.

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