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Pineapple pizza is the best pizza · 1:17am Mar 23rd, 2017

Why is this a debate? Especially stuffed crust.:rainbowkiss:

No objections. Doom's word is law.:trixieshiftleft:

~Hail Minty

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never had it. Mom's allergic to pineapple

Really? Wow. That's a odd thing to be allergic to. Then again every substance causes allergies for someone out there.

4468473 Yeah. So no Pineapple at the house ever. I have absolutely no idea what said fruit even tastes like

Oh jeez looking on it how I responded sounded Really insensitive of me. I apologize and sorry to hear it. Probably best you stay away as well. Might be hereditary

4468488 yeah... and it's not insensitive at all! it's just an opinion.

but i agree, stuffed crust pizza of any kind is awesome

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