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Ugh · 8:08am Aug 27th, 2017

ech, still a cesspool
Back to hibernation

~Hail Minty

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I've grown to have a distaste for this site as all it is now is drama and stress. So I've been gone, checked in, and it's the same

4649471 I usually avoid the drama on this site. If I see threads that have drama in them, I avoid them like the plague. If someone leaves a weird comment on one of my posts or something I just ignore it and move on with my day. :L You can only get dragged into drama if you let it bother you or you participate it in. So I ignore it the best that I can.

Try to focus on the friends you have on the site that are not involved in drama. Participate in threads that talk about ideas or are drama free. Ignore haters or people who try to start drama with you. Those are some good ways of staying out of the drama scene around here.

Eh true

4649490 I think you are cool if it counts. XD

Eh thanks for the compliment

4649494 You are very welcome, my friend. XD

But I have been on Discord

4649504 Cool! I need to go back on Discord when I have some time. :P I've just been busy with some other things recently.

We should exchange names sometime

4649511 You mean Discord usernames? I am Rainy Daze on there.

I'll need numbers if we ever add one another but thanks

I'll add ya!

4649535 Yay! I have a Skype too. I am Emma Downs on there but you can also add me by my e-mail which is hitomikanzaki34@hotmail.com

4649471 Useless Drama is Useless. I do have a Discord... but there's drama there, too.

I'd resent that, if it wasn't true. But I agree, this is why I keep quiet and read.

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