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When A Gorgeous Lady Is Spying You Work · 11:45pm Mar 20th, 2017

So I'm doing landscaping and I'm bored out of my mind. I decided not to use my phone for music because ..... whatever reason.

So I'm getting back groove going, clearing over 10 hours of work within half the time. Letting my mind drift you know. Not realising a gorgeous lil lass was watching me. So I look down and there she is!

Isn't she so beautiful! :rainbowkiss:

~Hail Minty

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ARGGGGGGGGGGH :pinkiegasp:

You don't like spiders?


Sorry. I'll give warnings on any spider threads.

I agree with, Loop. Bump that noise. Spider would meet Timberland. If I was still working in landscaping/land-clearing. The random Wolf Spider is fine, but I don't know what that is. The unknown scares me! THE FEAR IS REAL!

Didja sick 'er in a Mason jar?

Nah I let her go. I can't seem to spell her fancy name but she appears to be a Woodlouce eating spider (Nickname). They can't spin webs and are hunters. They overpower their prey with strength. They have poison but it can't really harm humans. So it's like a bee sting.

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