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Worlds of F(r)iendship · 6:02pm Mar 17th, 2017

In "Friendship Across Dimensions", it goes without saying that we'll be seeing differing worlds containing various versions of our MANE cast; however, I've recently hit a stumbling block as I've been having some trouble REALLY deciding which world's to use; as this IS a fan-based community, I'll be listing various potential worlds I've narrowed my search down to, and see if you can help me decide if I should keep them or if I should add any to said list (take note that the ones in bold are more then likely going to a part of this story, though I WILL listen to critique against it if need be, as I'm trying to avoid blatant fan-pandering as much as possible); make note, however, that all items of this list are subject to change; also, possible spoilers ahead (but you probably already knew that):

Harmonious (fighting for Friendship)
* Twilight Sparkle's Kingdom *also known as the Equestria we all know and love*
* Power Ponies (as seen/hinted at in seen in Season 4, episode 6) *note: will likely borrow some themes from Marvel and DC comics to fill in some of the blanks I might come across in their individual characters*
* Sunset Shimmer's Canterlot High *also known as the "Equestria Girls" movie-verse* (note that species transformations that would take place between this and Twilight Sparkle's Kingdom will also take place in any and all similar worlds)
Chaotic (fights for FIEND-ship)
* Dark Equestria *home of the benevolent King Sombra we saw in the first chapter*
* Equestrian Mercenaries: a world where various residents of the Equestria are more-or-less hired guns; draws inspiration from the characters of TF2 *note: originally the members of Suicide Squad from the DC comics, but this made more sense; that said, I WILL likely be using some themes from said media to fill in some of the blanks I might come across in their individual characters (I'm looking at YOU in particular, Pyro)*
* The Chain Gang: loosely based off an idea or two I got after seeing THIS: http://spellboundcanvas.deviantart.com/gallery/54220703/Ponies-in-Prison
"Neutral" (could go either way in the right context)
* Timewarped Equestria(s), otherwise known as the alternate reality/realities that we saw in the season 5 finale (i.e. World War Sombra, Changling Resistance, World of Nightmare, Tirek's Time, Discord's Dream, Flim/Flam Ferngully, and "Fallout Equestria (I couldn't come up with any other creative names for that last one, okay?)" *the underlined titles I'm strongly considering the ACTUAL use of in my story*): make note that as we didn't get all of the details of these worlds, I would have to fill in the blanks with my own details or of plotlines found in various fanfictions; example links: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/326277/context http://www.fimfiction.net/story/305096/spark-visions-of-twilight
* Monstrous 6: a version of the Mane 6 that all have a trait from some sort of creature more commonly featured in monster movies *note: I might be using some themes from the Marvel comics to fill in some of the blanks I might find in some of their individual characters*

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