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Bowser Poem · 9:35pm Mar 15th, 2017

Big Bad Bowser
By: Brickbrock24

There’s a villain of games who quickly rose to fame,
Who isn’t afraid to call everybody else lame.
He’s so famous, even non-gamers know his name.
I’m, of course, talking about the great King Bowser.

His horns and spiked shell shell are something to admire.
His stylish mane and eyes the color of fire.
All who oppose him will face his unbridled ire,
Unless, of course, you bow down before King Bowser.

He has an ego, meaning he loves to boast.
His Highness loves to brag about himself the most,
Bragging about his muscles or his flame breath that roasts,
Frying enemies that dare oppose King Bowser.

He’ll crash your parties because there are coins to rob.
He enjoys making his victims scream and sob.
He’s kidnapping the princess like it is his job.
Such is the tyranny of the great King Bowser.

When competing with him, you should stay on your toes!
Should it be kart racing or skiing when it snows,
Tennis, baseball, or fighting in Super Smash Bros.,
Winning is all that’s on the mind of King Bowser.

He leads a great army of formidable size,
With hordes of Goombas, Koopas, Chain Chomps, and Shy Guys,
Kamek, Dry Bones, and a fleet of airships in the skies,
All ready to conquer in the name of Bowser.

For him, a victory would be the greatest treat.
He imagines that it is as tasty as meat.
The only thing he tastes is that of bitter defeat,
Because Mario keeps on messing with Bowser.

He has tried using the Dream Stone and the Star Rod,
He’s tried all sorts of schemes he felt deserved laud,
Yet he failed to see that his plans had a few flaws,
And Mario came along to thwart King Bowser.

But no matter how many of his plans get foiled,
No matter how badly failure makes his blood boil,
He is always planning his revenge with great toil,
For giving up is not an option for Bowser.

Report Brickbrock24 · 119 views · #Poem
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Comments ( 8 )

A little poem I threw together because I felt like it. :twilightsmile:

Any comments? :unsuresweetie:

Comment posted by Sky Blue CMC deleted Mar 15th, 2017

4457549 He also tried to steal the seven Crystal Stars
But we beat him with the magic power of ours
And then we sent him flying straight from earth to mars
But that's still not the last time we'll see Bowser.

4457555 I would have included him trying to steal the Crystal Stars, but I couldn't find a way to fit it into the poem. Plus, he didn't have nearly as much success with them as he did with the Star Rod and Dream Stone.

Other than that, I hope you enjoyed my poem! :twilightsmile:

4457559 He stole some Cobalt Star shards as a kid
But he didn't get away with what he did
The plumber brothers and their past selves made him farewell bid
But he just keeps on fighting cause he's Bowser.

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