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    A Bitter Blade

    So... I'm thinking about getting back into the fimfiction game. The concept I'm currently considering involves this guy.

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    I has a sad.

    Well, the controller for my new PS4 decided to go crazy with the drift on the left joystick, so it's useless now. However, I was able to find an affordable offbrand controller on Amazon, which is due to arrive on Monday. However, this means I can't play my PS4 (at least not without getting really annoyed and frustrated as cursors and characters decide to spaz out) until it arrives and I get it

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    Ah, yes, "Reapers."

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    Got a new TV!

    My old TV burnt out on me a couple months back, so today I bought a new one, a 32-inch Vizio smart TV, so now I can watch Youtube on my TV again!

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    Awesome New JT Music Zelda Rap!

    So, like most people with a Nintendo Switch, I have been addicted to Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and it is, mmm, so damn good!!!!

    In any case, here's an awesome ToTK rap by JT Music that I stumbled across!

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A different idea for an Overwatch story. · 9:25pm Mar 5th, 2017

Greetings Gotham, Joker here! Well, I've been doing some thinking and I've decided to just write an Overwatch story that's loosely based on CW's The Flash. What I mean by loosely based is that it'll maintain certain elements of The Flash TV show, but overall it'll be a unique experience.

Allow me to show you some possible designs for my "Reverse-Tracer":

That's really all I got so far.

EDIT: Well, I did find this kickass Reverse-Flash remix for her.

Comments ( 4 )

Looks like Genos with those bits of metal around her jawline
I likey

I await chapter 1.

I find it sad that all I had to do to find those exact same photos was type in 'evil Tracer Overwatch' into a Google search. 'Talon Tracer' also works, considering that's BJMAKI's rendition of Tracer if she worked for Talon.

By the way, I'm still wondering why you're talking about some work you can't do here. I understand trying to promote it and all, but why the hell are you bringing up your concepts and everything in long winded blog posts here? Maybe keep them short with one or two pictures if they're actually necessary, then just shut up. And on that note, don't make a million of them talking about how, 'oh, I'm gonna do this!' or, 'oh, I'm gonna do that!' It all gets old REALLY fast, and doesn't really help you out on this site. Speaking of this site, don't you already have enough unfinished work here on FimFic to keep you busy? Why the hell are you branching out to FanFic.net (which has much harsher critics, might I say) when you have so much shit here to do?

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