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Pastel Candy Candies

I was shattered, yet you picked up my broken parts. I was torn apart, yet you stitched me up. You never gave up, so neither will I.~ Pastel Candy Candies

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    ~The Broken Marionette~

    Uhm hello there..? So I was given the task to... inform.. you all of something. I thought that Nums would do it but I see how smooth that went. So about Candy(?) she's... not coming back... Candy committed suicide three months, eighteen days ago. I'm sorry.. I don't know. If you need to talk to me or have any questions I'm always on Quotev. My name is Marionette (The Broken Marionette) on

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    Me and my family just got into a car accident so I wont be able to be on here for a long while, my baby sis and mum got hurt as did I so yea.... anyways everyone else is gud but my poor baby car is gone T^T ma por behbay R.I.P she's totaled a moment of silence for ma behbay......................................................... R.I.P MA BEHBAY!! We're all okie just need to get back from that

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    MY STEP DAD AND MOM ARE GETTING DIVORCED!!! THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!!!! I'll finally not be too fucking scared to stand up to anyone now that he can't side with the other kids who snitch when I do and he can't beat me any more! How can this day get better? Oh and I didn't cut today or last night either and I slept for like an hour or something, but that doesn't matter cause

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    I can't sleep

    ... I wish I could..

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    That'll leave a big scar

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Memesssss · 2:52pm Feb 22nd, 2017

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damn straight

Gotta love memes

4432367 You like memes? You should check my little group, LOLCats. I'm trying to get it up and running and hopefully will be posting MORE memes there...

the first one...
me tho

Most people get scared when I smile, so I try not to do that too often.

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