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I was shattered, yet you picked up my broken parts. I was torn apart, yet you stitched me up. You never gave up, so neither will I.~ Pastel Candy Candies

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    That'll leave a big scar

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Ouch · 2:25pm May 18th, 2017

That'll leave a big scar

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DA FUQ!?!?:pinkiesick: Who is that? Please don't tell me it happened to you, what happened to make you post that?

4537302 I'm sorry...I just saw that and kind of...freaked out. Are you okay? Cause showing us...*that* doesn't happen everyday. Please tell me your okay. I'm sorry for panicking...I just don't want you hurt.

OH MY GOOOOOOOD who did that are you okay

4537314 Onii-chan :twilightsmile: I'm as fine as I can get! But... I'm... I'm sorry for breaking my promise to you and Pen:ajsleepy:

4537321 *hugs tightly* please...it's alright Nee-chan. Even if you break your promise...as long as your happy and healthy we don't care if your hurt, we love you and we're always here for you. Okay?

4537332 Okay...but we're always here for you, if you have anything to talk about we're here for you...you might not like talking but I really want you to be happy.

4537336 *snuggles and tries to make you happy* will a jar of Candy help?

4537340 and there all for you

4537346 please...be happy Nee-chan...:fluttershysad:

4537349 Onii-chan... I don't think I can really be happy. I don't think I can feel anything good anymore.... maybe you should try and forget about me, I'm just a lost cause anyway I don't need to bring you down too:fluttershyouch:

4537352 No! I won't forget you and you're not bringing me down. I just want to see you happy, I don't want to see you so...hurt and sad.:fluttercry: I don't want to see you sad...


4537361 is their anything I can do to help you

4537362 It's alright Nee-chan.

Hm. I guess the scar in the picture isn't the only thing that happened. I, too, have something similar, but only mere scratches on two of my fingers. Thank Ancestors it was not on the ones I use to write and play with.

What happened?

*virtual hug*
I know how it feels to not be able to smile, to not be able to laugh, or cry, or express emotion at all, but a blade can't solve that problem, I'd know. Just remember, a lot of people care about you.

4537649 I... I don't cut to try and solve my problems.. I do it to make sure I can still feel something

4538452 I did both. I just hate to see other people making the same mistakes I did.

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