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The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.

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    So the opening of the film is set in 1995 Ohio. Seems legit.

    One problem.

    Little Yelena has a stuffed animal the whole time. It's usually out of focus, but when she finally gives it up at the end of the prologue, you can clearly see what it is.

    It's Twilight Sparkle.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle. The alicorn model.

    Continuity error? Or something more sinister?

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    One of the upcoming chapters of 'Scenes from a Life (Post-Villainy)' needs a few Saddleburg residents. Do you have an OC you'd like to gossip about the Villain Family in this upcoming chapter? This is your chance!

    Just PM me or comment below the following information;

    -Pony Name
    -Pony Gender
    -Pony Tribe
    -Marital Status
    -Basic design features (coat, mane, etc.)

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Sorry for the delay... · 11:53pm Jan 28th, 2017

Man, not much of a Farewell Tour when I can't get stuff up in a timely enough manner.

Expect the next chapter of 'Wings' in the next... 36 hours or so. It's a big wrestling weekend, so that's taking some of my time. (Samoa Joe for the Rumble, baby.)

Quick question in the meantime; would anyone care to read the notes on 'the Changelings Have a King?' I've been adding stuff here and there and I only want to post them if folks genuinely want to read them.

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Comments ( 5 )

Notes are always fun.:twilightsmile:

So, I was really busy back when you first posted about the farewell tour, so i went through your Blog archive to see the reason.

My honest thoughts on it?

Sir, that is the STUPIDEST reason for leaving I've ever read. Most folks leave because life decided it needs them full time, their health is failing so they cant b around as much as they'd like, or some other reason. your's is incredibly petty. I cant change your mind, you should do what you think is best for you after all, but just know that I cant really be behind your set reason. In any case I wish you well.

It'd be pretty cool to see the notes, sure

4400691 I'm starting to hate the fact that I have to keep saying this; I AM NOT LEAVING. I AM FORMALLY RETIRING. After the completion of 'All the Pretty Little Horses,' I will have no further stories to tell. The drive is not there anymore. It's simply time for me to pursue a new avenue of creativity.

The fact that there's a whole new crop of authors on their way up is just the icing on the cake.

I will still be here. I will still be reading and offering tips and advice. I may write a little one shot once a year or so.

The Farewell Tour is not about me leaving everything. It's about me leaving what has been the singular driving force of my creative ventures for the past five years.

4400800 oh. well, i retract my statement.

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