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Change of Scenery could return · 12:15am Jan 16th, 2017

I highly doubt anyone will read this, but it's worth a shot.

So if you've read my story, "Change of Scenery", you know that I cancelled it due to, as I put, "loss of interest". That isn't really the whole entire reason. Losing interest in it was what made me cancel it, but it didn't happen straight away. If anything, it was the way I had to go around writing it. I've read a few stories on here before, but I never went too deep into analyzing every intricate detail. I guess I just read them for the sake of killing time.

I've written stories before on DeviantArt, and some I'm really proud of because I was able to finish them. Think of it like...finishing a test that you were stressing about: as soon as it's done, a big weight is lifted off your shoulders. For me, it's more along the lines of achieving something and not letting an idea go to waste. The difference between this story and the others is that I made the others in varying lengths- no set minimum amount.

One of the biggest challenges of making Change of Scenery was the word length. I know I can be as descriptive as possible in order to draw the reader in, but in this case it just didn't work. Another thing is feedback, which is probably my biggest shortcoming. I'm able to take criticism lightly as long as it's sensible and clear. In most cases it worked that way, but that doesn't mean I didn't feel bad for making those mistakes. As one commenter told me, people on this site are critical and judge a story solely on it's cover. I'm sometimes like that as well, but I'm almost never on here.

That being said, I'm considering bringing it back. I don't know if I will or not, but I'm putting it into consideration. Canceling it was pretty hard for me- or rather, a critical hit on my confidence. I honestly liked the premise of the story, and I wanted to see where it could go. However, I guess all these specifications and expectations put into it turned me away from it. I really don't know at this point and it's just making me feel depressed.

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