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CoS Cancellation · 2:01am Mar 21st, 2017

And this time, it's for good.

I'm sorry, I truly am. I tried to find some sort of inspiration for this story, but I ultimately couldn't. I believed that I could somehow actually complete this, but I guess I was wrong. I suppose I burned myself out. With a story already making tremendous progress and many other things getting in the way, I just didn't find the time to work on this.

I hope I can make something that'll actually work, and again I'm sorry.

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CoS Update · 2:23am Feb 2nd, 2017

I've decided that the story will return. However, I'm already working on other projects that are non-MLP oriented. That, and school sometimes keeps me from working on stories.

With that said, I will continue the story sometime in the summer. I understand if you are disappointed by the wait, but there are things getting in the way of my writings. Once again, I apologize for the delay, and I hope you can understand my reasoning behind this.

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Change of Scenery could return · 12:15am Jan 16th, 2017

I highly doubt anyone will read this, but it's worth a shot.

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