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SPOILERS? Mariusioannesp Reviews: My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree · 5:41am Dec 31st, 2016

WARNING!!! The following contains SPOILERS for the latest Equestria Girls telefilm My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree. Try saying that three times fast.

I know it’s been like three months since it first premiered on Netflix, but dang it! I’m going to use this gif I made especially for this occasion!

Now, without further a-embrace-the-magic-do, here is my review of the fourth installment of the Equestria Girls film series My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree.

Sunset Shimmer and the human doppelgangers of our favorite ponies are back! This time their class is spending a week at a camp called Camp Everfree. They’re all looking forward to getting away from all that magic stuff that’s been happening at Canterlot High. Human Twilight Sparkle in particular has been struggling with concerns that Midnight Sparkle, the she-demon she became at the end of the last film Friendship Games, is still within her. However, when they arrive they find that strange things are happening at the camp. The prime suspect is a legendary vengeful nature spirit called Gaea Everfree. On top of that, each of the Humane 7 discover that they’ve suddenly developed a new magical ability. Twilight tries to keep hers a secret for fear Midnight Sparkle is responsible for all of it. When they discover the truth about Gaea Everfree, will they be able to stand up against this threat? Will Sunset, Human Twilight, and the rest of their human friends learn what they can become if they embrace this new magic?

So what’s the verdict?

I have heard it said that is is the best Equestria Girls film. On that, I must concur. I believe this is indeed the best Equestria Girls film.

So yeah, I liked it! I liked it a lot!

We begin with Human Twilight Sparkle sleeping restlessly in her bedroom. The arrival of her human friends Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack as well as pony-turned-human Sunset Shimmer indicates that she has uncharacteristically overslept for the bus to Camp Everfree. Fortunately, Twilight’s friends are glad to help her pack.

That’s the same sweater Twilight wore in Friendship Games. Also, note the bare feet. This is the first time we’ve really seen bare feet in an Equestria Girls film. There is quite a bit of it in this one as we shall see. Not that I really noticed or anything like that.

Anywho, as Twilight gets ready to get dressed, she sees something in the mirror that should not be there.

It’s Midnight Sparkle! And they all call her that for some reason. She wasn’t named in Friendship Games though. She was just called that in the script.

Twilight doesn’t understand why she’s there because Sunset helped her defeat her at the Friendship Games.

Midnight declares that Twilight’s friends can never defeat her, and all her friends as well as her room disappear in some kind of pixelation effect.

Let’s just take a closer look at those feet for no particular reason.

Midnight declares that she will always be a part of Twilight, waiting the dark recesses of her mind. She’ll be back, and when that day comes, she won’t stop until she has all the magic.

Suddenly, Twilight wakes up on the bus with Spike the dog, her friends, and other fellow Canterlot High classmates on their way to Camp Everfree. It was all just a nightmare. Anyway, everyone else is excited to be going to Camp Everfree and that leads into the opening sequence of this telefilm as well as the first song “The Legend of Everfree”. I liked the opening song quite a bit. It’s very folksy and goes well with the whole camp theme. It kind of reminds me of the song stylings of Mumford and Sons. Also, the opening sequence itself differs significantly from those of previous Equestria Girls films. Previous installments of Equestria Girls had very stylized openings. This one though is a much more grounded opening, featuring their bus chugging along through various scenery on its way to Camp Everfree. Perhaps this is more reflective of the film’s smaller scale, premiering first on Netflix and then on Discovery Family. The stylized openings of Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks are more suitable for the big screen where they both premiered.

Movin’ right along on, they all arrive at Camp Everfree and are looking forward to all the things they want to do. Fluttershy wants to go on a nature walks. Spike the dog wants to chase squirrels.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge that this film establishes very firmly that this Spike is a dog. He acts like a dog, has the interests of a dog, and talks like a dog would if a dog could talk. This is actually very important in establishing Equestria Girls’ own identity versus MLP proper. This Spike the dog doesn’t just become MLP’s Spike just because he can talk. He’s Spike the dog who can talk.

Anywho, Applejack wants to really rough it, build her own shelter and forage for food and such. That’s in spite the fact as Rainbow Dash points out that food and shelter have already been provided for them. Rarity just wants to get some much needed rest and relaxation. She finds the events of the past year has been a bit much.

Look at all the luggage Rarity brought with her.

Pinkie Pie agrees, summarizing that in the past year, they’ve had to deal with the Sirens, the Shadowbolts of Crystal Prep, and two friends-turned-demons.

Then, Pinkie realizes that Sunset Shimmer and Twilight are standing right behind her. She apologizes with a “No offense”, and Sunset of course replies, “None taken,” and she tells Twilight that she’ll get used to that. Really. They’re doing this again. Despite bringing up that old chestnut, we learn something important in this exchange. Apparently, the events of these Equestria Girls films are all taking place within the same school year. That’s something I should consider in my chronology.

Movin’ right along, Applejack and the rest just want to get away from magic stuff like that. Then, Twilight gets a visit from every Brony’s favorite lightning-rod of hate, Flash Sentry. He apparently found Twilight’s knapsack and was returning it to her.

"Cool story, bro."

Well, that was awkward. But it is a cool story, bro. If there’s no one else, I’ll still be your bro.

Sunset explains to Twilight that Flash has a thing for the pony Twilight Sparkle. So, Twilight didn’t know this before. This must not take place that much time after Friendship Games. Either way, everyone is then called to the gazebo where we are introduced to camp director Gloriosa Daisy and Timber Spruce, her brother/assistant/torpedo. He’s a torpedo because he sinks ships. More on that soon enough.

So, Gloriosa wants them to have the best time ever this week at camp so they’re pretty much free to do anything. That is except going by the rock quarry according to Timber Spruce. That’s off limits for mysterious reasons. Anyway, Gloriosa opens the floor to suggestions as to how to do that. Rainbow rapidly suggests stuff like archery and rock-climbing and tetherball.

Yeah, Rainbow’s very excited. Sunset suggests she let someone else make some suggestions. Bulk Biceps suggests arts and crafts because his mom needs new potholders.

Pinkie suggests cookie decorating.

Fluttershy suggests early morning nature walks.

Rarity suggests they have a fashion show where she’ll design the most fabulous camp looks inspired by today's hottest trends and have them modeled by her fellow classmates in an outdoor setting.

Gloriosa gladly accepts all these suggestions. Yeah, Gloriosa really wants to please them. She really wants to.

See that. It’s the final nail in the Flashlight coffin. A coffin made of Spruce. Timber Spruce that is!

Principal Celestia asks about the camp gift, which was always her favorite camp tradition. Gloriosa gladly accedes to this request, but Timber is in disagreement for some reason.

Kind of reminds me of me and my sister.

Sunset picks up on the tension between Gloriosa and Timber, but Twilight and Pinkie don’t quite see it. Anywho, the camp gift is a tradition where the campers create something for the camp to be enjoyed by future campers thereby building the strong bonds that will last beyond their time there. That’s pretty intense, but camp is for life.

I bet y’all don’t remember Ugly Americans.

Anywho, their gazebo, totem pole, and sundial were camp gifts. The sundial was the gift from Celestia and Luna’s camp group. Though, Vice Principal Luna thought it was impractical since it can’t be used at night.

I wonder if this disagreement over the practicality of this sundial is the Equestria Girls world equivalent of the whole battle between Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon.

Movin’ right along, everyone then receives their tent assignments, the guys from Gloriosa and the girls from Timber. I’m not sure why that is. So, they all receive their tent assignments. Pinkie and Rarity are together in the Emerald tent. Rainbow and Applejack are together in the Aquamarine tent. Fluttershy and Vinyl Scratch of all people are together in the Amethyst tent. Sunset and Twilight get the Sapphire tent. At least, Twilight thinks she got sapphire because they’re not always blue. They can be pink, purple, or yellow. Right you are Sci-Twi. They can also be green and orange as well. Then Timber comes along adding to Twilight’s train of thought that sapphires are blue for the most part because its name comes from the Latin word sapphirus, which he says means “blue”. Oh, you think you’re such fancy Altar boy now, dropping the Latin.

That’s right Mr. President-Elect! Sapphirus is not Latin for blue! It just means “sapphire”. I’m Catholic! I know my Latin! Twilight, the science-y flirt that she is, asks if Timber if he knew that sapphires are just rubies without chromium.

Thanks again, Mr. President-Elect. Sapphires and rubies are both different types of corundum. If it’s red, it’s a ruby. If it’s any other color, it’s a sapphire. The red color of rubies though is caused by the presence of chromium. Twilight just talks about it in very confusing way. I bet you didn’t think you’d learn so much about crystal gems right now.

We! Are the Crystal Gems!...

But never mind any of that! Timber continues this flirtatious conversation by telling Twilight that the Sapphire tent is the best because she’s in it.

Put those eyebrows back in your head, son!

That doesn’t make any sense….

Shut up!

Besides, the Sapphire tent is the best because it has Sunset in it. Wait, what was I even talking about? Oh, right. So, Twilight just thinks Timber says that to all the campers, but he proves that he doesn’t by telling Bulk Biceps that the Ruby tent he got is the worst. He’s kidding of course, but his comment about rubies being sapphires without chromium goes over Bulk’s head. You know because he’s….

Yes, thank you again, Mr. President-Elect. You can go now. Please.

Twilight’s friends observed this whole flirtatious exchange, and they’re all giggly over it.

Don’t you go encouraging this, you pastel-colored hussies!

Just as everyone is getting settled, of all people Filthy Rich shows up.

Gloriosa is not happy to see him at all. Filthy just says he’s admiring the scenery, but Gloriosa quickly shoos him away.

Gloriosa tries to explain this away as Filthy Rich being an alumnus of the camp who likes to check in every once in awhile. Right.

Interestingly enough, Filthy Rich has a minor antagonist role in this film. Nothing too major. It’s a lot less than Principal Cinch in Friendship Games. It’s pretty odd considering that the pony Filthy Rich on MLP proper isn’t that bad of a guy. (I understand the MLP comics do depict him in a worse light. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the comics though.) The worst you can really say about him is that he may neglect his daugher Diamond Tiara to the point he is unaware of how harsh her mother is to her. Here though, he seems a lot more like Fisher Biskitt from Littlest Pet Shop. Wouldn’t have it been great if it had actually been Fisher Biskitt? Right. No. Well, I would have thought it was great.

Soon afterwards, Rarity and Applejack are walking and talking about Rarity’s plans for her fashion show. Applejack thinks it’s kind of silly having a fashion show in the middle of the woods and is concerned Rarity’s going to put her in some fancy get up. Rarity promises though that the clothes Applejack will be modeling will perfectly speak to her own personal sense of fashion.

Let’s take a moment to admire Rarity’s walk cycle in this scene. It’s mesmerizing!

And I'm on tonight you know my hips don't lie
And I'm starting to feel it's right
All the attraction, the tension
Don't you see baby, this is perfection

Movin’ right along, Sunset and Twilight are getting settled in their tent as Sunset shares her suspicion that Gloriosa might be hiding something. Twilight’s not really paying attention though. Sunset gets Twilight’s attention though when she mentions that Timber Spruce is kind of cute. Twilight reacts accordingly.

That’s a rather suspicious look on Sunset’s face.

Sunset suddenly becomes more concerned with Twilight’s episode on the bus. Spike apparently indicates that nightmares have come a regular occurrence for Twilight. Twilight just tells Sunset that she appreciates that everyone at Canterlot High has been nice and accepting to her despite what she did at the Friendship Games. Sunset assures Twilight that none of that was her fault. She was manipulated by Principal Cinch into using magic when she had no understanding of its power. Sunset reminds her that if there’s any group that’s willing to forgive such things, it’s this group. Sunset knows from personal experience. They’re about to leave, but Sunset wants to put on some more sunscreen and can’t find the tube. Twilight points it out but discovers that she’s suddenly levitating it.

In fact, she’s levitating everything that’s in the room!

Sunset and Twilight have decidedly different reactions to this odd turn of events. Sunset is quite excited over the prospect of Twilight and their other friends possibly developing this kind of magical ability. Twilight thinks it’s terrible and suspects that it may be the residual influence of Midnight Sparkle. Either way, Twilight doesn’t want to talk about this or tell anyone else what happened. Sunset agrees to this, though she doesn’t think this is necessarily a bad thing. After Twilight leaves, Sunset tries to see if she can magically levitate the sunscreen tube without success.

I know this is Netflix Sunset, but it’s not Stranger Things.*

For some reason, they cut this scene from the Discovery Family version. Well, I thought it was amusing enough to be worthwhile.

Anywho, Sunset heads out and accidentally bumps into Gloriosa Daisy, and Sunset thinks she heard Gloriosa whisper, but she wasn’t. Sunset remains suspicious of Gloriosa and her excessively chipper attitude. Down by the docks, Twilight ends up tripping on a broken board and ends up falling right on top of Timber Spruce. Timber makes this comment about how Twilight need not fall for him because of his charm. Ugh. Watching all of this is our good ole’ friend Flash Sentry, soon accompanied by Sunset. In a moment of introspection, Flash realizes he can’t be jealous because human Twilight is not pony Twilight, and they just don’t have that same history and rapport. Sunset also makes him aware that since pony Twilight Sparkle is a princess in Equestria that’s where she’s going to be spending most of her time. Flash realizes he’s just going to have to get over pony Twilight to which Sunset very bluntly agrees. It’s not Sunset’s style to pull any punches.

That hasn’t stopped us Bronies, and it certainly won’t stop our ole’ friend Flash here.

Luna declares the dock to be a safety hazard and suggests the dock be closed for the remainder of the camp session. Gloriosa tries to salvage the situation, suggesting it just needs a little patching. Applejack, however, comes up with a better idea. She suggests that building a new dock could be their camp gift. Timber’s not so sure about this because he doesn’t feel they should be using so much of their own camp time for something that’s meant for future campers. In spite of that, Rainbow and their fellow Canterlot Wondercolts accept Applejack’s proposal. Sunset once again notices the tension between Timber and Gloriosa over Timber’s ambivalence.

So, they get to work designing the dock, and Rarity also realizes it could also serve as the runway for the fashion show she’s planning. With their plans finalized, they get to work on with adult supervision, which Pinkie is particularly excited about. After make some significant headway, Celestia decides that they’ll break for the day and continue on the dock in between the next day’s activities. Gloriosa then has everyone gather round the fire pit where they’ll be telling scary stories and eating s’mores. Pinkie is particularly excited about that.

Once gathered around the campfire, Rarity tries regaling them all with a frightening tale about wearing purple socks with a burgundy dress. They’re in the same color family!

Okay. So then, Timber tells them all a real scary story about the legend of Gaea Everfree. You see, long ago Timber’s great-grandparents settled on the land and decided to build Camp Everfree upon it. It wasn’t long before they noticed some strange occurrences. Soon enough, after a violent storm sent a tree crashing on their homestead, the monstrous spirit made its presence known.

The spirit’s name was Gaea Everfree. She held domain over the forest and considered Timber’s forebears to be trespassing on her land. Timber’s great-grandparents begged for mercy for they wish to share this beautiful place with others. Gaea Everfree relented and allowed them to stay, but she warned them that one day she will return to take back what was once hers. Timber adjures them all that if they see a trail of gem dust they’ll know it’s Gaea Everfree. And there she is!

No wait, it’s just Gloriosa emerging from the shadowy bushes. Hmm. She’s just checking if anyone needs something. Snips needs another toothbrush and Snails needs a flashlight, but Gloriosa’s is all “I got this.” Anywho, this story has gotten to Fluttershy a bit. Applejack wonders why because it’s probably isn’t true. Rainbow however brings up the possibility that Gaea Everfree could be another creature that was booted from Equestria like the Sirens. Still Applejack just thinks Timber made up the story to try and scare them. The last thing they need is for camp to be ruined by a power-crazed magical creature. Rarity agrees given how so much has already happened at the Fall Formal, the musical showcase, and the Friendship Games. Rarity realizes quickly her mistake and tries to walk it back, but Twilight decides to turn in for the night. Sunset requests that the rest of her friends not bring up what happened at the Friendship Games as Twilight is still sensitive about it, and they agree.

That night, Twilight has another nightmare of Midnight Sparkle.

Twilight awakes suddenly, which in turn wakes Sunset.

Ooh look, Sunset’s not wearing socks. Not that I really noticed or anything like that.

More importantly though, Twilight’s bed appears to be floating.

Twilight doesn’t want to talk about it even though Sunset insists they should.

Oh looks it’s Derpy! Didn’t the Mythbusters try to bust a myth about propelling a sailboat with a fan onboard?

The other campers are hard at work on the dock. Sunset is trying to convince Twilight that perhaps she could learn to control this magic of hers, but Twilight fears that she’ll never be able to control this magic. Suddenly, Derpy’s boat crashes into the dock, ruining almost all the work that they’ve done. Twilight thinks she’s responsible, but Sunset assures her that they don’t know what caused it. Derpy’s boating companion Sandalwood explains that they were sitting there in the middle of the lake with no wind, but then the suddenly the wind picked up and sent them crashing into the dock. Some of them suspect that Gaea Everfree is responsible, and there’s even what appears to be a trail of gem dust in the water.

Twilight thinks it was her doing. While the others try to salvage what they can of the dock, Twilight walks into the woods where she then bares her emotions musically with a song called “The Midnight in Me.”

I mean this is a great song that perfectly encapsulates Twilight’s inner struggle with her inner darkness.

Later, Sunset is trying to find out where Twilight went off to. She’s not sure if Twilight caused the boating accident with her magic, but either way, she feels they need to tackle this head on.

Spike agrees to help her track Twilight down.

Movin’ right along, Twilight is walking in the woods when she runs into Timber Spruce. She explains away her presence there by claiming she got lost on a nature walk. Timber of course can guide her back as he is an expert in these woodlands having lived there his entire life. When speaking on this, Timber admits that in his youth he wished his family would sell the camp so he could live in a town like normal people. He really wanted to hang out at the mall, you see. He apparently has never shared these thoughts with anyone else and concludes that Twilight must be really special for him to open up like that to her. Unbeknownst to them however, Sunset and Spike have been listening to this exchange from the bushes. Sunset concludes that perhaps they should deal with Twilight’s magic stuff later.

Yeah, this isn’t creepy at all.

Down by the rock-climbing wall, Rainbow waits impatiently as Rarity gingerly ascends the wall while Applejack spots her. Twilight and Timber arrive so Rainbow runs off to get another harness because now Twilight can spot her. Timber also takes off.


But fortunately Sunset shows up.


But then there’s what seems to be an earthquake, and Bulk Biceps finds a trail of crystally dusty stuff, like the kind left by Gaea Everfree!

Back on the climbing wall though, Applejack sends Rarity flying up the wall with a sudden burst of strength.

Rarity’s not too happy about all this and in trying to shoo Applejack, she conjures some kind of diamond shield that sends Applejack flying into the lake.

Sunset deduces in excitement that they must be developing new magic as well. Twilight though doesn’t think this is a good thing. Suddenly, they hear Fluttershy scream and run inside the mess hall to see what’s going on. Pinkie explains that they were decorating cookies when she tossed Fluttershy some sprinkles when they glowed and exploded!

Fluttershy tries reaching for some paper towels to clean up the mess and is helped by a bird. She discovers that she can understand what the bird is saying to her and speak to the bird!

The bird then calls all its bird friends to see if she can understand them as well.

Applejack and Rarity arrive at the mess hall and explain what had happened to them. Applejack wonders where Rainbow’s at, and she suddenly runs in and into a wall at super-speed.

It seems being at camp has given them all new magical abilities. (Some of them are rather familiar if you ask me.) Sunset though hasn’t developed any new magic, and after a look from Twilight tells them that Twilight hasn’t either. She wonders what at the camp could be causing this, and Fluttershy suggests Gaea Everfree. That’s when a shadowy figure that might be Gaea Everfree appears!

Nope. It’s just Gloriosa Daisy again. Interesting. Very interesting.

Anywho, Gloriosa’s there with some dry clothes and towels for Applejack. You know, because as she says "I got this." Sandalwood and Derpy show up looking for Gloriosa as the former has kicked his hacky sack into the lake and Derpy’s out of arrows.

Derpy actually gets a line here for the first time in Equestria Girls.

Gloriosa doesn’t appear to be handling this well.

Not only that, Timber shows up to inform her that Filthy Rich is back.

Gloriosa’s going to handle Filthy Rich herself because as she says "I got this." On her way out, she bumps into Sunset again. Sunset thinks she hears Fluttershy screaming, but she wasn’t nor did anyone else hear any screaming. Even though Sunset things they should investigate this whole magic thing further, she agrees to drop it as everyone else thinks they should do for the moment.

Later, everyone is working floating paper lanterns. Pinkie has covered her lantern in marshmallows so it’ll be beautiful and delicious.

Spike inquires as to why Twilight is sitting all by her lonesome and away from her friends. Twilight is worried that her friends are manifesting new magic as an effect of the continued presence of Midnight Sparkle within her. As they go off to let their lanterns fly, Timber comes by to show Twilight the lantern he made with is own face on it.

Nope. There’s nothing egotistical about making a lantern with your own face on it. No siree.

Either way, Timber does notice that something seems to be off with Twilight at the moment. But then comes the moment for everyone to release their lanterns.

Oh, I see. This is like Tangled.

Tangled’s one of my favorite Disney movies.

There’s also a lot of bare feet in Tangled. Not that it’s something that interests me.

Pinkie’s lantern just falls back to the ground because the marshmallows are weighing it down. So, she just eats it.

Oh look at Twilight and Timber’s lanterns bumping into each other like it’s fate or something for them to be together. And it does seem rather familiar.

Stop trying to be Tangled! Timber Spruce is no Flynn Rider!

I feel for you, Sunset.

Later that night, Sunset awakens to find that Twilight and Spike are gone!

It seems Twilight called a cab to take her home and snuck out in the middle of the night to prevent Sunset from trying to talk her out of it. She’s right of course. As Sunset touches Twilight’s arm in an attempt at consolation, she then has some kind of magical vision of all the times Twilight was feeling guilty over Midnight Sparkle possibly being the reason for all the magical maladies.

Once the vision has ceased, Sunset assures Twilight that Midnight Sparkle doesn’t exist. Twilight wonders how Sunset knew what she was thinking, and it turns out Sunset does have new magic. She has developed the magical ability of psychometry. Naturally, this excites Sunset, but Twilight still believes she’s infected her with magic. Twilight can’t stop seeing magic as a bad thing because it turned her into a monster, while Sunset became the beautiful Daydream Shimmer. Sunset reminds Twilight that she once let magic turn her into a monster too; she completely understands what she’s going through. She can help her and so can all their friends. Twilight agrees to stay but still thinks it best if she avoided their friends until they had a better understanding of what was going on. Then, all of a sudden, Sunset and Twilight hear a rustling and see an axe being swung overhead!

Discovery Family thought this was the perfect time for a commercial break.

But it’s not a homicidal, axe-wielding maniac! It’s worse. It’s Timber Spruce.

Timber is out there chopping wood in the middle of the night to avoid Gloriosa adding that to her ever growing list of things to take care of. He further punctuates his point by impersonating her trademark, “I got this.” Then, he inquires as to what Sunset and Twilight are doing out in the woods in the middle of night. Sunset comes up with the excuse that she was sleepwalking and Twilight came out to get her back. Timber offers to lead them back to camp with a joking offer to protect them from Gaea Everfree.

Sunset still thinks he made that story up, but Timber insists it’s totally legit. As he leads Twilight hand-in-hand back to camp via shortcut, Sunset notices a trail of gem dust falling out of his pants.

Sunset deduces that Timber must be responsible for the unexplained events at the camp. Spike wonders why Timber would do such a thing. Sunset reminds him that Timber confessed to Twilight that he wished his family would sell the camp. Perhaps he thought convincing everyone that there’s a vindictive nature spirit present would be the perfect impetus for Gloriosa to sell the camp. Sunset and Spike agree to keep this to themselves until they’re more certain as Twilight already has enough on her plate.

The next day, the Humane 5 are very gingerly working on the dock lest they destroy it again with their as of yet uncontrollable magical superpowers. As much as Applejack would like to ignore this magic business, it seems they feasibly can’t. Sunset arrives to convince her friends that they can’t ignore this any longer. She also announces that she also has her own new magic, the power of psychometry. Pinkie insists she try on herself, and this happens.

It’s official. Human Pinkie is Mabel Pines.

For some reason, this was cut from the Discovery Family version. I thought it was the best part of the telefilm. Even if it is a….

Yeah, that.

Sunset convinces them that they just can’t brush aside what’s happening just because it seems inconvenient. And she does so with a song! It’s a little ditty called “Embrace the Magic”, and it’s wonderful. Wait, is this the first time Sunset gets her own in Equestria Girls? In Rainbow Rocks she was just a participant in the climactic song number “Rainbooms Battle”, and in the first draft of Friendship Games, “What More Is Out There” was originally going to be a duet between Sci-Twi and Sunset. So yeah, this is actually the first time Sunset gets her own song in all the Equestria Girls films. To a certain degree, this song could be considered a rebuttal of “Unleash the Magic” from Friendship Games. You know, Rebecca Shoichet, Sunset Shimmer’s voice actress, is also Twilight Sparkle’s singing voice. She does a good job here differentiating Sunset’s singing voice from Twilight’s.

The song is also accompanied by several vignettes of the Humane 5, well, embracing their magic.

And with all of that, they manage to complete the dock.

Rarity of course wants to immediately do a dry run of her fashion show. After this success however, Sunset wants to go see if she can convince Twilight to embrace her magic as well, though she neither confirms nor denies that Twilight actually has magic to their friends. While Sunset passes by the lakehouse, she hears Timber arguing with Gloriosa over letting go of the camp. At least she thinks she does. (The operative term is “think”.) She also runs into Flash Sentry. Flash just wanted to thank Sunset for the tough love she showed him before. Also, Flash can tell something is up with Sunset because as he reminds her and all of us that they used to date. Sunset admits to him that she’s concerned because she has a friend who likes a guy, but she suspects this guy’s not what he seems, but she doesn’t want her friend to get hurt but still thinks she should know. While Flash doesn’t completely get what Sunset is getting at, he assures Sunset that her friend is lucky to have a friend like her to look out for her. Flash compliments Sunset over her development into a nicer person and suggests that they should perhaps start over as friends. However, Sunset spots Timber sneaking off into the woods and takes off to go after him, leaving Flash in the lurch once again. Fortunately, every Brony’s favorite pony/Equestria girl is there of offer him a comforting hand.

Derpy’s always there to offer a comforting hand to Flash.

All Bronies need to learn from the example of our favorite pony/Equestria girl and be there for Flash Sentry.

Movin’ right along, Sunset follows Timber into the woods and thinks she sees him go into the rock quarry where there is some suspicious glowing going on. She texts Twilight to come down to the rock quarry. Soon enough, Twilight finds Sunset in the woods, and Sunset shares her suspicions that someone is trying to make everyone think Gaea Everfree is back. They go into the cave that this is what they find.

Sunset senses the presence of Equestrian magic. So, Sunset can sense Equestrian magic now. Is that part of her new magical ability as well? Anywho, Spike wonders if this means Sunset believes Timber is using real magic and not faking it like she originally thought. It turns out though Timber has nothing to do with it at all. He’s not even there.

It’s Gloriosa Daisy! This is so unexpected! Or at least it would have been if not for the very obvious foreshadowing I highlighted before.

Sunset doesn’t understand why Gloriosa of all people would want to drive everyone away from the camp, but that’s the last thing Gloriosa wants. When Sunset grabs Gloriosa by the wrist, she sees all her memories.

How Gloriosa fell behind on her payments and lost the land to Filthy Rich. He gives her until the end of the month before he takes over the land, bulldozes the camp, and opens a spa resort in its place.

How she followed a trail of magic to the cave in the rock quarry and discovered these mysterious magical geodes.

How despite Timber’s misgivings, Gloriosa intended to use this magic she can now control to make the final week of Camp Everfree the best one ever!

How by using this magic, Gloriosa was the one responsible for all the mysterious incidents at the camp.

How Gloriosa and Timber’s argument in the boathouse was about her giving up using this magic.

Sunset realizes that all this time Timber was covering for Gloriosa using these magic geodes to make this last week of Camp Everfree the best ever all the while causing more problems elsewhere each time she used it. When Gloriosa wonders how Sunset would know any of this, she admits that she also has magic as well as Twilight and their friends. Twilight also warns Gloriosa that using too much magic is dangerous if she doesn’t know how to control it. But Gloriosa is all “I got this” and insists she just needs more power. She goes for the last two of the magical geodes, transforming into a horror to behold.

Behold! Gaea Everfree!... Maybe. I’m not too sure.

Anywho, Gloriosa uses her plant controlling powers to tie up Twilight, Sunset, and Spike with vines and traps them inside the cave.

Back at the camp proper, Rarity and the others are prepping the dry-run of her fashion show when they notice Sunset and Twilight are missing. Rarity chooses to proceed without them. Also, turns out Applejack does like the get-up Rarity has come up for her.

I admit, it does look pretty good on her.

However, that’s when the now magically-empowered Gloriosa shows up. She declares how Filthy Rich wants this to be the last session of Camp Everfree, but “I got this!” as Gloriosa says. She intends to make this session of Camp Everfree last forever! She then raises a wall of brambles around the camp, destroying the dock they just finished building in the process.

With that begins the best part of this film! This sequence is accompanied by the song “We Will Stand For Everfree”.

It’s just the most amazingly intense song. I love the double meaning in the refrain. “We will stand for Everfree!” (you know, the camp) and “We will stand forever free!” Why is it that Equestria Girls gets the good villain song?

Fluttershy wonders why these things always happen to them. Recognizing the situation for what it is, it doesn’t take long at all for the Humane 5 to pony up and rush into action. They use their newfound special magical abilities to save their fellow classmates and to try to stop Gloriosa. However, Gloriosa seems to be able to thwart them at every turn. Gloriosa, tired of their meddling, demands to know why they’re fighting her as she’s doing this for them all. Rarity explains that while Camp Everfree is a lovely place, Rarity doesn’t think she can give up her weekly spa trips.

I know Rarity doesn’t know this, but bringing up spas is probably not the best idea since Filthy Rich wants to tear down this very camp to build yet another.


Back in the cave, Spike somehow has managed to free them from their vines. How did that happen though? We didn’t see it happen. Still, they have to get the rock that’s blocking the cave entrance out of the way. Twilight reluctantly uses her magic to get them out. When they come to Gloriosa’s wall of brambles, Twilight is concerned over how much magic she’d have to use to get them through, fearing it could unleash Midnight Sparkle. Sunset grabs Twilight by the hand and pleads with her that their friends are in there and need their help. She ponies-up in the process.

She successfully convinces Twilight to use her magic to get through the wall of brambles, but it seems that her further use of magic is giving way to Midnight Sparkle.

Timber pleads with Gloriosa to end this madness. Sunset and Twilight rush to his side, and Sunset explains to him that Gloriosa isn’t Gloriosa anymore as she’s been corrupted by Equestrian magic. Timber tries pleading once with whoever Gloriosa is now as she becomes engulfed by a giant tree crackling with green electricity, forming a huge dome around the camp.

Timber gets engulfed by its roots.

Twilight, Sunset, and their friends are attacked by Gloriosa’s brambles. Rarity creates a diamond shield to protect them, but she can’t keep it up forever.

Their only recourse is for Twilight to use her magic to pull the brambles apart. She has to embrace the magic inside of her. Twilight’s still too scared that Midnight Sparkle could be unleashed once again. Sunset assures her that they’re not going to let that happen. Twilight starts using her magic to pull the brambles apart, but it looks like Midnight Sparkle might be trickling out. Then Sunset grabs Twilight by the arm.

Suddenly, Twilight is back in her mindscape with a giant Midnight Sparkle telling her how she’ll never control her. Then, Sunset and the rest of Twilight’s friends appear offering her their own words of encouragement.

Twilight overcomes Midnight Sparkle because she’s Twilight Sparkle and magic inside of her is the Magic of Friendship!

That was so awesome.

Twilight ponies up herself. She tears away all Gloriosa’s brambles and pulls her from her tree, taking the magic geodes from her. The magic geodes settle on the Humane 7, transforming them into something decidedly different.

The release of their new magic utterly obliterates Gloriosa’s bramble dome!

That was so awesome.

With that everything is returned to normalcy for the most part.

They seem to have become their own superhero team. That’s pretty cool.

Their geodes have also become lockets. That’s interesting. The Rainbow of Light from G1 MLP, the predecessor to FIM’s Elements of Harmony, was contained in a locket. And G1 MLP’s token human Megan was the keeper of the Rainbow of Light. Presuming that this new magic is the human world’s version of the Elements of Harmony, perhaps they are hearkening back to G1 MLP a bit here.

Anywho, Gloriosa, who has recovered from her magical malady, apologizes to Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna for what she did. She figures it’s probably for the best she lost the camp to Filthy Rich. Celestia and Luna disagree, given that the camp means so much to so many people. This gives Twilight and her friends an idea. They can hold a ball in the crystal cave as a fundraiser to save the camp. Their band can perform, and Fluttershy will write an original song for the occasion. I see Fluttershy still writes songs like she did in Rainbow Rocks. While Gloriosa agrees those are good ideas, she’s not sure she can plan and put together all of that by the next day. The Humane 7 merely respond, “We got this!”

We then get a montage of the Humane 7 getting everything ready for this fundraiser ball interspersed with them performing a song at said ball. The song in question is called “Legend You Were Meant to Be”. I liked it. It’s chorus goes “You’ll always be Everfree”. They’re using that double meaning again. It goes along well with some of the other songs in the film.

Wait, what?

I don't know what this dance is, but I like it.

And another thing.

Is that a bird nest on Derpy’s head? No, it’s not. It’s proof of possible crossing over between Equestria Girls and Littlest Pet Shop!

With that Gloriosa announces that they’ve raised enough money to save Camp Everfree, and Filthy Rich leaves in a sulk.

So then, Timber goes up to Twilight taking the credit for saving the camp from Gloriosa’s magical brambles. He’s apparently utilizing the transitive property of logic as he saved Twilight who actually saved the day earlier before when she tripped on the dock. When Twilight seems to be saying goodbye to him for good, Timber laments this possibility and pretty much asks her out, and Twilight pretty much says yes. So, this is a legit ship now. On Derpibooru, it’s called “TimberTwi”.

There goes Gloriosa. Obstructing that rooster. Like a sibling do.

Creeping on TimberTwi as always is the Humane 6. But this is as good a time as any for Sunset to bring up her theory that these crystals are the source of their newfound magical abilities. Sunset believes they were meant to have them, and everyone else, including Twilight, agrees with her assessment.

Later, Sunset is outside waiting for Twilight.

Ah, I see Sunset’s not wearing shoes again. You know, there’s more barefeet in this than in any other Equestria Girls film. Could it be because this premiered on Netflix rather than Discovery Family, a premium cable children’s network? But then again, it’s not like Discovery Family censored all the barefeet. They’re still there in the version they aired.

But it’s not like something I’ve noticed or dedicated that much thought to. It’s not like I have some preoccupation with women’s feet or anything like that.

Anywho, Sunset shares a final thought with Twilight. She wonders where the magic that hit the cave came from in the first place.

Then suddenly, back at Canterlot High, a burst of magic erupts from a crack a top the pedestal that contains the portal to Equestria.

In the Netflix version, we get the closing credits set to the song “Hope Shines Eternal”. In the Discovery Family version, it skips directly to what was in the Netflix version an after credits scene and then has the credits in that little box like they usually do.

In this final scene, the Humane 7 have completed the dock once again. However, Pinkie throws some sprinkles along with her confetti, causing an explosion that destroys the dock once more.

This telefilm was written by Kristine Songco and Joanna Lewis aka The Lady Writers. They got their start last season writing the episodes “Castle Sweet Castle”, “Rarity Investigates”, and “The Hooffields and McColts”. They also wrote this season’s episodes “Gauntlet of Fire” and “Top Bolt”. In my previous reviews of their handiwork, I have described many of their episodes as pretty solid. Many of them focus on Twilight Sparkle and often feature a bit of world-building. These are things that can be seen at work here. Legend of Everfree provides the unique opportunity of seeing a Twilight Sparkle who has to struggle with the darkness within her, something we will probably never see with the Twilight Sparkle of MLP proper. The events of the climax of Friendship Games hang over Human Twilight’s head, causing her to fear magic when it starts cropping up. Only when she finally embraces that the magic inside of her is the Magic of Friendship does she finally overcome her fear of losing control of the magic. Human Twilight is slowly growing into a just as magically adept parallel to pony Twilight Sparkle, which I imagine is her eventual destiny.

There’s also world-building as the film further establishes EQG as separate from MLP. Like Friendship Games before it, Equestria’s Twilight Sparkle or any pony for that manner don’t figure in it at all. This time, there isn’t even an appearance by either. Just as I said in my review of Friendship Games, this is an important step for EQG to establish its own identity separate from MLP. It’s not just what the Mane 6 would be like as high school girls; it’s become so much more than that. It has already done that with human Twilight Sparkle, but it also does that in other ways as well.

One way Legend of Everfree does that is by taking a superhero and/or Magical Girl anime angle with Humane 7. Basically, Legend of Everfree is an origin story for the Humane 7 as superheroes. Still though, some of the Humane 7’s specific superpowers are somewhat reflective of their pony counterparts’ own special skills. Human Rainbow Dash has super-speed, and pony Rainbow Dash as we all know is particularly fast. Human Twilight Sparkle has telekinesis, which is one of pony Twilight Sparkle’s many magical skills. (Well, technically all unicorns can do it. Perhaps her power should have been teleportation, which is a skill more unique to Twilight.) Human Applejack has super-strength, and pony Applejack is particularly strong. (Though, I’m not sure if she’s particularly strong for a pony or if Earth ponies in general are as strong as she is.) Human Fluttershy can communicate with animals, and pony Fluttershy can do so as well. Sunset Shimmer, human Rarity, and human Pinkie Pie’s powers are mostly unique to them. Though Pinkie’s power is pretty much the same as that of the X-Men character Gambit. It’s also interesting that Gloriosa’s magical power seems to be combination of that of Poison Ivy and Maleficent. What I find most interesting though is that back in 2014, The Hub released a telefilm called Stan Lee’s Mighty 7 where comic book legend Stan Lee forms a team of superheroes from a group of aliens that become stranded on Earth. Nothing ever came of it, and it has been almost forgotten. (I believe it was intended as the first in a trilogy of films, and the backdoor pilot for an animated series.) Perhaps given the failure of that, Hasbro has decided to instead use Equestria Girls to get on the superhero bandwagon.

We also get a closer look at the effect of Equestrian magic on humans. Just as with human Twilight Sparkle in Friendship Games, exposure to magic turns Gloriosa Daisy into a monster. In both cases though, we see that magic seems to enhance a pre-existing obsession. Twilight was obsessed with understanding magic, and Gloriosa was obsessed with protecting Camp Everfree. Interestingly enough though, Sunset Shimmer suggests that Gloriosa isn’t really herself after she’s been corrupted by Equestrian magic. This didn’t seem to be the case with Twilight in Friendship Games as Sunset was able to talk her out of her villainy rather than just magically blasting the evil out of her. Could this indicate something about Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon? Probably not. Sunset wasn’t exactly affected in this same way in the original Equestria Girls, most likely because she’s really a pony. Either way, Lauren Faust stated in the past that Nightmare Moon was a separate entity. Even though what she has said no longer has any real bearing on the show now, this was still hinted at in the Season 4 premiere “Princess Twilight Sparkle”. Still, I think we may have learned a little something about interaction of the magical and non-magical in Legend of Everfree.

So, I ended up seeing Legend of Everfree after the sixth season finale, even though it had been on Netflix for a month at that point. As you may already know from my review of "To Where and Back Again", I wasn’t too enthused with it. I actually enjoyed Legend of Everfree a lot more than I enjoyed “To Where and Back Again”. Given that, I actually would like to see The Lady Writers given the chance to write one of MLP’s season premieres or finales. Perhaps, they would be able to reintroduce much of the epicness that was present here that has been sorely lacking in MLP’s premieres and finales. Maybe this is already happening as previous EGQ writers, Meghan McCarthy and Josh Haber, ended up penning MLP’s premieres and/or finales soon afterwards.

I also liked that there was an overarching theme to the songs. Many of the songs are connected by the theme of being legendary or heroic as well as the play on words between “Everfree” and “ever free”. It’s almost Disney-esque in a way.

I think you can definitely tell that I was not a fan of Timber Spruce. Well, there’s a very good reason I’m not. I hate Timber Spruce because I like Timber Spruce. I admit that Timber Spruce is a much more well-rounded character than Flash Sentry ever was. It probably helps that Timber doesn’t exist only as a love interest for Twilight. He’s also Gloriosa Daisy’s brother. We see him concerned over her use of the magic geodes. He covers for her. He shares with Twilight his former aspirations of no longer living at the camp. He also shares Twilight’s nerdy tendencies. (But he doesn’t seem to be able to get his facts straight.) Also, our fandom didn’t seem to object to Timber as strongly as they did to Flash. I imagine there’d be more receptivity to see his pony doppelganger cameo on MLP proper if The Lady Writers write one into one of their episodes.

Also, it almost puts Twilight in a Twilight situation.

Flash Sentry sort of gets the shaft again. Once again as in Friendship Games, he does not figure much in this telefilm at all. As I said before, this telefilm seems to end any further hinting at Flashlight. However, all hope is not lost for Flash Sentry. Both Sunset and the audience get a reminder here that Flash and Sunset used to date. We also see Flash try to reconnect with Sunset at least as friends. Perhaps something more lies in their future. It’s not Flashlight, but I’ll take it. I just want to see something good to happen to Flash for once.

Then again, Sunset may not have any further interests in Flash at all, but instead for another.

Even Peppa Pig ships it! I’m sorry; I couldn’t help it. My cousin has a kid, and when I visit them, he’s always watching Peppa Pig. But you know, Peppa Pig can be quite savage.

Either way, think about it. Sunset is very quick to accept the possibility that Timber is behind the strange goings on at the camp. If Timber was the true villain, it would turn Twilight against him. With Timber out of the way, that could open the space for Sunset to step in at Twilight’s side. And remember how Sunset was creeping on her and Timber from the bushes. And also remember how Sunset ponied up when she grabbed Twilight’s hands. She’s also particularly interested in Twilight’s possible feelings for Timber. Is it merely a friendly curiosity, or is she looking for some hope for herself?

Movin’ right along, Legend of Everfree is unique in that it is the first Equestria Girls film or MLP property in general to premiere exclusively on Netflix. This had led to some speculation, including from myself, that MLP or EQG was preparing to make the leap to Netflix. That no longer appears to be the case. Though, I wouldn’t have minded. It seems that future plans for both MLP and EQG do not center on Netflix.

Speaking of that, what does the future hold for Equestria Girls? Well, it’s already been confirmed that next year we will be seeing three 22 minute Equestria Girls specials straight to TV. This is apparently in lieu of a fifth film. Could this finally be the beginning of spin-off series that I have long foretold? Perhaps. Three episodes though barely qualifies as even a miniseries, but it could be three-part pilot. Could one of these specials finally be a full-on crossover with MLP? That’s a possibility as well, one that I’ve been really hoping for.

As for what I didn’t like, I wasn’t sure by the attempt to set up Timber Spruce as the true villain behind the strange goings on at the camp. There’s no way you’d actually think he was based on that gem dust in his pocket when Gloriosa has been constantly foreshadowed as Gaea Everfree. So, it pretty much fell flat. There’s pretty much no point to is, and it isn’t even executed well.

Overall, My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree was the best of the Equestria Girls films. It took the next further steps to build up Equestria Girls’ own identity separate from MLP. With a series of specials coming out next year, it looks like Equestria Girls won’t be slowing down anytime soon. I certainly look forward to whatever comes next for Equestria Girls.

What did y’all think of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree?

God bless you all. God bless America. And God bless Equestria.

*Please don’t take this joke to mean that I’ve finished watching Stranger Things. I’ve only seen the first episode so far. Beyond that, I only have a very general knowledge of it. I don’t want to be SPOILED. I was watching Blindspot the other day, and this sexual deviant SPOILS that Barb dies! Do not further SPOIL Stranger Things for me please.

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First, I just have to applaud you for your reviews. You always put so much more work into them than I normally do (especially during the past year where I made them more simplistic and straight to the point). That reminds me that I need to post my final thoughts on Season 6 as well as of this movie. I'll make sure to do that soon enough.

I like what they did with Twilight's struggle with Midnight Sparkle in this movie. How do they know Midnight's name? Who knows? Probably the same magic that allowed the people in Nome to know Balto's name in his animated movie (if you haven't seen it, I recommend the 1995 movie, it's very good). I also can't help but think how cool it could have been if Twilight had managed to pull a Regina here and separate Midnight Sparkle from her. Twilight facing off against her own darkness! I seriously want to see something like this happen in the main show at least before it ends!

Sunset explains to Twilight that Flash has a thing for the pony Twilight Sparkle.

He probably spends a lot of time on /mlp/ XD

See that. It’s the final nail in the Flashlight coffin. A coffin made of Spruce. Timber Spruce that is!

I like Timber Spruce. He has more of a personality than Flash does (though, to be fair, Flash is slowly developing more quirks and traits with each new installment) and his first meeting with Human Twilight was handled far better than Flash's first meeting with pony Twilight.

Interesting lesson about crystal gems. Are you watching Steven Universe now?

Wouldn’t have it been great if it had actually been Fisher Biskitt? Right. No. Well, I would have thought it was great.

I think that would have been great. But since LPS has officially ended, I doubt we'll ever see an MLP/LPS crossover. Unless they pull a Futurama and have a crossover in spite of one of the shows already being over.

I know this is Netflix Sunset, but it’s not Stranger Things.

Now that's a crossover I'd love to see!

But, overall, I too really liked this movie.


First, I just have to applaud you for your reviews. You always put so much more work into them than I normally do...

Thank you. Sometimes though, I wonder if I go a little overboard with the work I put into these.

I like Timber Spruce. He has more of a personality than Flash does...

Well, if you recall towards the end of my review, I admit my animosity towards Timber Spruce stems from the fact that I also liked him, and that I appreciated that he's a much more well-rounded character than Flash Sentry ever was though.

Interesting lesson about crystal gems. Are you watching Steven Universe now?


I remain on the fence about it. Irregardless of the fandom, I was not too impressed by the first couple of episodes I saw. I imagine it gets better as it goes. Still, I have to figure out some time to watch, but I'm still not sure if I want to. I follow so many things these days, animation in particular, and I've gotten quite behind on much of it.

Unless they pull a Futurama and have a crossover in spite of one of the shows already being over.

That's what I'm still hoping for. :raritystarry:

Now that's a crossover I'd love to see!

Stranger Things though, I do want to keep getting on with when I can.

Even as a huge fan of the SU, I'll admit that the first few episodes aren't all that great. But trust me when I say that it's all worth it. The show is a slow burn at the beginning. You're basically learning about the main story arc of the show from Steven's perspective. Some things seem random. Some things seem out of place. But everything slowly begins to come together. I would recommend at least watching your way through the entire first season. It's 52 episodes long (sounds like a bit much though each episode is only 11 minutes). The main story arc of the show really starts to come into the foreground from the Season 1 finale onward. But you need to watch all of Season 1 to truly appreciate how everything in the later seasons is set up. If you're not hooked on the character development and the story by the end of the first season then the show may not be for you. And that's fine if it isn't. As you can tell, I'm a HUGE fan of SU. Honestly, at this point, I may actually like SU more than MLP. Don't get me wrong, I still love MLP. But SU's character and story development are absolutely sublime.

Stranger Things is another show I recommend. Imagine if back in the 80's Steven Spielberg directed a TV series written by Stephen King. That's kind of what Stranger Things is like.

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