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100 follower celebration! Vote on which story you want! · 2:09am Dec 23rd, 2016

I know its premature but i figured this way i could get done the story by the time i hit 100. So fellow cloppers, i must ask you a question! Do you want ....
A. A sorta romantic symbiote, futa Pinkie x Zecora fic with impreg, large dong, the usual fetishes.
B. Tentacle Luna fic, symbiote, futa, stomach bulge, cum inflation, ya know the usual.
C. Fetishy Unbirth Starlight x Twilight fic.

So which do you think! Vote !

Also due to your votes prior i have bumped up the next chapter of dash of ego and it will be worked on right after im done Twilight hours!
Ive also decided to do shorter updates as the huge massive 20+ page long updates i was doing was becoming a tad intimidating. So content will be coming more often but in slightly smaller amounts. I personally enjoy this as it causes less burn out and im able to show that i am actively working on new content regularly.

(Currently in the works is a spirit of parties update that just needs some editing and revising. Than Twilight hours that is 75% done plus editing.)

P.S I am still looking for someone to edit/proofread my more fetishy stuff. So if your open lemme know with a comment or PM. Thanks again and see you folks soon!

P.P.S all three mentioned stories will be worked on eventually maybe. (probably) This is just voting which one is first.

P.P.P.S http://book.fallout-equestria.com/ Fallout equestria is doing another hard copy print run check it out i have copies at home already and they are top quality.

Report Jest · 219 views · #clop #updates
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Comments ( 5 )
Comment posted by Randomfastreader deleted Dec 23rd, 2016
Comment posted by Jest deleted Dec 23rd, 2016
Comment posted by Randomfastreader deleted Dec 23rd, 2016

About B - is there impreg?
And C - who will unbirth who?

In the initial chapter know but eventually maybe.
And Sunset will be the one.

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