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    New Fic In The Works By: The Twin

    The Twin

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    The Twin needs some ships yo.

    Hey everyone The Twin here asking for some help. While my stories will focus primarily on Fluttershy and Discord, with a little Raridash because my brother will kill me if I post non Raridash content on his Fimfic page. I do want to at least say that the other ponies have lives outside what I'm showing, So I need ships for the following ponies.

    ~Twilight Sparkle
    ~Pinkie Pie

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New Fic In The Works By: The Twin · 10:07pm Dec 9th, 2016

The Twin

Alright so for what ever reason I have been thinking about D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) alot lately. I use to play it a little back in high school with some friends, I don't know if we were playing it right because we never accomplished much and mostly just joked around. But my D&D history isn't why you clicked on this blog post is it? You wanna hear about the Fanfiction I mentioned in the title don't you. Well I'm getting to that.

So the new fic will be a series of one shots (with some multi chapter plots) taking place in a D&D-ish world, it'll focus on group of adventures who opetate out of a little village called Ponyville, they are human, or elves, or any other playable race in D&D that I want to use.

The main adeventureing party will be
Twilight Sparkle (elf wizard)
Rainbow Dash (human ranger)
Pinkie Pie (warforged warrior)
And Spike (dragonkin, not sure what his class his yet)
I would like the group to have a fifth or possibly sixth member so please leave your suggestions for addtional members and their class in the comment section.

Discord will go on some adventures and help out every now and again but he will not be a main character, A Fanfiction written by The Twin that isn't about Discord and Fluttershy? What is this world coming to?!?! Don't worry there will still be some Fluttercord parts.

Applejack will be running the tavern the party operates from, with her daughter Applebloom, and her brother Big Mac, alongside his wife Marble Pie. (All human)

Rarity will be running the store the party buys all their supplies from, with her daughter Sweetie Bell. (Elves) Along with adopted Scootaloo (human)

Bulk Biceps will be running the blacksmiths forge the party uses to forge and repair their equipment. (Half- Giant)

And Fluttershy (human) will be the town healer the party will go to when they almost die. She will be living with her husband Discord (Tiefling) and their daughter Mayhem (Half- Tiefling/OC).

So does this story sound interesting to you?
Have any characters you'd like to see show up for a chapter?
Please leave a comment to let me know what you think.

P.S. I will start working on this as soon as I can, but it will NOT interfere with the completion of What Is This Strange Feeling. This is just a fun little side project I'll be working on.

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Comments ( 4 )

Put Spike like elemental or fighter, maybe a rogue or nightblade. This is a good options about class of RPG.

I really want to read one fiction like that.

4334157 The Twin

Thanks for the suggestion i'll look into those classes.

Will nightmares appear or at least be mentioned in this story? I'm not talking about Nightmare Moon, I'm talking about these guys.

4334493 The Twin

I wasn't planning on it since I was unaware of Nightmares. :pinkiehappy: thanks for telling me. Now I've got an idea for them, also Discord might have a pet Nightmare.

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