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    Your Human and You: Twisted Product’s next chapter is 97% finished. I said summer and I meant summer. Hope you like blood, mold, and hail maries.

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MonolithiuM Does Something New, or "How I Learned to Quit Being a Bitch and Write a Little Clop" · 4:53am Nov 23rd, 2016

I tried my hand at it. S'alright. I'm looking to gauge interest in a crime story. I myself love stories on this site about crime and the inner workings of it. In other words, bad guys doing bad things for the right reasons. Crime to benefit the community is one of my favorite concepts, and I've been toying with the idea. I've got more than ten thousand (yes, 10,000) words written so far for something I've been mulling over called Magnificent Bastard. It also happens to have some light clop in the second chapter. Let me know if you're interested or not.

Cover Art.

Rating: Mature

Tags: Sex, Gore, Adventure, Dark

Upset at the state of his beloved country, an earth pony by the name of Deciduous decides to fight fire with a hotter, angrier fire. By his reasoning, evil only responds to either a strong-willed good or a far more intimidating evil. All his life Deciduous hasn't been all that great at being good. He has, however, always excelled at trickery and deceit. Such skills are looked down upon in Equestrian society. As gangs, corruption, and dark magic rise in Equestria, Deciduous decides that he is tired of his neighbors living in fear.

He sets out with a mission in mind: be bigger, scarier, and more devious than any other in Equestria. Cow his enemies, earn the wary respect of the government, and get a slice of the pie for himself along the way.

And maybe–just maybe–he'll make some friends along the way.

Rated 'Mature' for graphic scenes of violence, sexual acts, language, and adult themes.

I also seriously love crime porn. Probably more than is healthy. (hladilnik's Boss Lamb, anyone?) Fuckin' quality.

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