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    You guys are great. Awesome. Fantastic.

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    Get to writing, my people. Just let it flow and be cool. Peace.

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You Guys · 6:49am Jul 12th, 2020

You guys are great. Awesome. Fantastic.

I am in awe at the fact that so many of you guys still care, even when I didn’t. It makes me feel ashamed that I ever gave up on writing. I let you guys down, and I really am truly sorry. For a good few years depression has gotten the better of me, and out of some nostalgic curiosity I returned to see what had become of the site. I wasn’t all that surprised. Pornfics still reigned on the front page. Some things never change, eh?

In all seriousness, though, I have all of you to thank. I would like to give a special shout-out to Rhombicosidodecahedron, as the first notification I saw on my return was that YHAY:TP had been put into the “rip” folder. My first reaction was visceral, like someone else had killed my creation, but not even a second later I realized it was myself. I had killed myself in some small way, some symbolic way that most likely wouldn’t matter to most others. I had carved away a piece of myself and let it grow, then let it die in neglect. I reflected on seeing my story alongside so many others buried in that graveyard, so many stories that I remembered reading, too.

I recalled the small disappointments and hairline fractures in my heart when I saw stories wither away and fall into oblivion with no explanation. I thought about you guys for the first time in years. You guys that gave it a read. You guys that voiced your criticism and your praise. You guys.

Chapter seven is coming along. I have the basic outline and I’m fleshing it out slowly but surely on a nine year old laptop that I wrote all of my stories on. It had grown a layer of dust, and I was afraid it wouldn’t boot at first; but, much as all of you guys, it still remembered, still cared.

I love you guys, and I’m sorry if I ever made you think otherwise.

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Hehe, you don't need to worry about us dying just yet. Keep up the good work mate, I was worried for a while there, but it pleases me to no end to know you've Come home returned. :3

Well now that you pointed it out, if I think you're taking too long to make a new chapter I'll make a R.I.P folder just for you. :scootangel:

In all seriousness glad to see you back.

I know the feeling
Having sunk time and effort into a part of your life, and then you just stop
Sometimes it isn't abrupt. Sometimes it isn't your top priority anymore, and then you have to put something else on your schedule so it gets pushed further back, and eventually you don't think about it anymore
You don't realize but it's already gone, even if you keep thinking to yourself that you'll get back to it, because you never do

It's weird

Depression seems to be rather popular nowadays
It's hurting a lot of people I know
Earth doesn't seem to be in a good mood nowadays, and it's rather hard to get out of that
The world isn't fair.

Humans have a tendency to focus on the negative, and sometimes we focus on it so much we can't see good anymore
Doesn't even have to be caused by anything, it can just happen
The human condition isn't fair.

I got myself stuck in depression a few years back
I remember it as some apathy at first, festering in the back of my mind for a bit until suddenly I stopped caring

Hooray! I didn't have to worry about bad things anymore
And yet I couldn't focus on good things either

I didn't know I was depressed for a good bit, but I guess I was lucky enough to be self aware at some point and see what was up with me

I had to accept help from others, which was uncomfortable
But I got through.
I used to see depression as an inescapable pit leading to the absolute destruction of a person
But I now know that it's more like an antlion's pit. Some can definitely get out, it's just hard as hell

Hopefully you're one of the lucky few
Mental health isn't fair.

I've been reading fics here for a long time
It always breaks my heart a little whenever I see that bright red CANCELLED staring at me, or whenever the last update was a year ago

I like to wonder what the author is thinking about nowadays
Did they forget? Did they start to feel like it was a chore? Who knows
I think about those stories, yearning for completion, and getting nothing
I imagine vivid continuations, grand endings, and it lets me have some closure
It lets me get rid of the nagging thought of whether or not it'll update; it lets me stop worrying and accept the fic's death

There is a graveyard on this site. Some wander around, thinking back to the good ol' days
There's services held, where people come together through their screens and hope, and there's funerals

I walk down the lanes of blank, unmarred tombstones

"How long has it been?" I ask to myself, as I use my folder to engrave what I can

I've never seen someone practice necromancy there before though so I guess that's a pleasant surprise

Yeehaw, the hype may build yet again

A toast, to continuation! 🥂

Oh hey I ranted
Cool haven't done that in a while

Thanks for the shoutout homeslice
But speaking of slices, I'm boutta serve you a slice of reality and truth

You ready to get owned with facts and knowledge? Well here's a fact:

You're a super duper mega cutie
You're super cute
Yeeeaaah that's right
Don't debate me on this, that's a fact
Get rekt
Get owned 💜

K have a good one B, hope you get back into the groove of writing lol
Ya boy g-slick out

now imagine my surprise with this showing in my feed just after adding something to my read list... wish you luck man

Good to have you back

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