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Final fantasy forever

I am here only to please my fellow readers and am eager to see mlp Fim used in any artistic form and I lookforward to seeing the tallents of the internets writers brought to life

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A friend in need · 12:17am Oct 18th, 2016

A good friend of mine is going through some hard times. If you could help them in any way, we both would appreciate it


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Thank you so much for making this blog, my friend. It truly means a lot to me. Just keep sending positive thoughts and prayers our way. And I will be sending positive thoughts and prayers your way as well. Keep on being an awesome friend. Many hugs and snuggles to you.


Of course my friend. I just hope other people see it.

4260223 I appreciate you taking the time to do this. It means a lot. :) I am sure that some people will see it.


Not if they're like me and neglect their feed.

4262128 People always catch up with it eventually. Even if it takes a while. :)


I just got through a lot of feed myself.

4263606 That's excellent to hear. :)


Indeed. Now I'm getting to all my notifications

4265386 Good luck my friend.


I got through it all. Now for the notifications. I just realized...the cycle never ends *laughs like a lunatic and snaps* :pinkiecrazy:

4265617 I'm sowwy about that my friend. I hope that you can catch up with things soon. Many hugs and snuggles to you.


It's alright. The cycle brings with it friends ^_^

4266431 This is very true. Friends are always a great thing to have. :)


Good lord, I'm back to letting notifications go a day old :ajsleepy:

4269295 Oh nos! I hope that you can catch up soon. :rainbowkiss:

4269402 Good luck with that, my friend. :)

4269715 You are very welcome. :)


Now I'm in the notifications again

4269777 Are you catching up?

4270716 Good luck on your quest. :heart:

4271238 You are very welcome. :)

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