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I write stories because I enjoy them. I want to do better and am willing to take any advice to improve.

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    Hoodwinked: Into the Third Act / Who is the true villain

    Hoodwinked returns with us finally started the third act. The chapter and next one will setup the final flashback story before the final battle with the true villain. Who is that sneaky villain in the shadows? Well, plot twist, that gets revealed in today's brand new chapters. I'm glad to see a end to this story now just within reach. Once this is over, I will be tackling other movies, like Fifth

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  • Monday
    Who is Dr. Firelight

    No, he's not an OC. If you remember correctly by the name alone... It's this guy. Yes, this exact pony that will be appearing in the 3rd side story of SWWC, as Dr. Firelight.

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    Where is Everypony / Season 1 Finale

    Yes, we are finally here. Are you people ready for the next gut punch of emotions. Spike finally comes to a chill conclusion about where is everypony and it will effect him greatly going into next season. Enjoy the finale, the series returns in September.

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    Taking of the Hat Update / Biggest Chapter Yet

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  • 2 weeks
    JTHW - The story is halfway over - Thank you all for coming this far.

    Who is the wendigo? What are his motives? What is his plan? 6 years, I've given you hints and tips. But now I drop my biggest reveals to celebrate reaching the halfway point in this mighty saga.

    TJTHW: Journey To Hearth's Warming
    Trapped by a spell Twilight and Starlight must live through the events of Hearth's Warming. Only the events aren't playing out exactly like the history books. All while a mysterious wendigo makes a move that might changes the future they once knew.
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Murder Mini Series 0.5 (Please Read)/ More stuff for October · 7:59am Oct 11th, 2016

As you may have noticed I changed the name and look to the outside of my story, Brutal Killers. This is because I noticed that despite this story being my first to ever get no thumbs down, the over all rating are incredibly low. In fact they are the lowest I have ever had. So it became clear to me that the readers are being pushed away mostly by the front look, rather then reading. Because if it was the actual story itself, it would actual have some thumbs down, but surprisingly it don't.

So I changed the name and look, though the story itself has not changed at all, because like I said there are no thumbs down yet. plus from what it looks like right now, most that have actually read it, gave it a thumbs up(16 views, 4 thumbs up, that 1/4 of all the views so far. That never happened with any of my stories), so hopeful with the better look, it will do better tomorrow.

Anyway, it is now called, The Reason For A Name.

Note, I am not bragging about my story. I know it's not perfect, yet I find it strange the first story to have no thumbs down, would also have the least amount of views.


I also wanted to say that I have another one shot planned for October, base around Thorax.

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