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Season 6 Finale Thoughts · 5:04pm Oct 7th, 2016

Just watched the livestream of the Season 6 finale. I'll put my thoughts in spoilers.

I love the concept of Sunlight and other reformed antagonists saving the day, and their banter was fantastic. I was loving the episode all the way up to the last few minutes. I don't mind that Queen Chrysalis wasn't reformed, though that could be set up for Season 7 (because they wouldn't kill her off next season, right? Right? Better not.), but those new Changeling designs...I'm not feeling those at all. I love the regular Changeling designs. They balance the line between otherworldly and cute (if you pardon the hissing), and having them just become generically "pretty" now feels really weird. I would have loved seeing the Changelings trying to find love/friendship in their regular forms, without resorting to changing into some pony else. Now that they are good looking, they don't have to worry about anything like that. Evil is ugly, but good is pretty, I guess. Despite the fact that this is Queen Chrysalis we're taking about. In short, the finale was good, up until the ending. Felt rushed, and the new designs seem bad to me. I like my changelings black, fang-y, and with cheeselegs, thanks.

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Razzy #1 · Oct 7th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Yeah, not a big fan of the finale either. It was his... Up until the end. Now changelings went from a unique and striking design to someone's pokemon OCs. The design would be fine for an unrelated race, but for changelings, it just sucks. The fanon that changelings are corrupted Flutterponies made more sense, since both had insect like features to a degree. But these designs seem completely random.

And yeah, what a nice thing to teach kids, Hasbro, that cute equals good. Tell that to anyone who touched those cute, colourful and horribly poisonous frogs that live in some jungle.

Plus, they seem to want to teach kids that they should bend over to peer pressure and change how they look entirely to fit in, regardless of how they feel.

I don't mind the full legs, I always liked the idea that the holes are there because they're starving.

I didn't mind Chryssie not being reformed, at least she's alive and healthy. I just how they won't kill her off. What I hope for that she enters a truce with the protagonists to face a bigger threat affecting them all. That way she could slowly warm up to at least consider not being so antagonistic.

What would be poetic irony for me is if the transformation takes away their changeling powers... And then arrives a foe who's vulnerable only to those. They'd have to seek Chryssie out and ask her for help.

Also, in the episode, we've only seen the cutaneous in the throne room change. There were many more in the castle and only the throne room blew up, so there may still be many loyal to Chryssie. Not to mention those out on missions.

They should've at least kept the Changelings predominantly blue and/or green.

Those seem to be their 2 lucky colors.

4244903 Yeah, they should've stayed predatory, not technicolor deer. And stuff from fanon would be good too. Even longer wings, going from fly to dragonfly design. Something that makes sense and doesn't look like the result of drunken sex between a crystal pony and stag.

Now they completely removed any uniqueness in their design.

I sorta feel the same way and had a good chuckle tho, not gonna let it bother me.

Honestly Thorax looks more like a Deer to me now (kinda what I imagined deer in this show would look like if they ever did bring them into the show but I doubt it now).
I'm not crazy about the new changelings look but I don't hate it either. Really Glad Chrysalis got away though, yet I bet you they plan are reforming her at say the end of season 7 or something. Really wished they'd kept that two tone voice for her like during the royal wedding.

I agree with you Max. I like them how thy were originally.

changling are not a market they could get into.. now the bug ponys. that is a toy they can sell now.. but atleast chryssy is still evil as hell. and she reminds me of loki when she called thorax a muleing grub :P

4245728 I can see how the meeting at Hasbro went.

Guy #1: "Fans really like those Changelings. Especially Queen Chrysalis."

Guy #2: "Yeah, but Changelings don't fit the generic pony model we have for our toys. We had a Chrysalis figure painted onto a Celestia template, and fans were upset that we didn't make any holes in her hooves!"

Guy #3: "Holes in hooves are hard!"

Guy #4: "Can't we just make a special Changeling mold?"

Guy #1: "You're fired!"

Guy #3: "How about we make the show change the Changelings into something more pony like, and less hole-y?"

Guy #1: "Brilliant! Promotion!"

Guy #2: "What about Chrysalis?"

Guy #1: "Meh, just release a toy that is show accurate, but put wheels on her hooves."

Guy #2: "Huh? Why wheels?"

Guy #1: "Wheels are cool! Don't question me!"

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